Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Report: His AND Hers

We women just know how to take over, don't we?  From boyfriend jeans to tuxedo jackets to wingtip oxfords - we seem to have a natural knack for taking what's traditionally not "suited" for us and making it all our own.  Well, being that I'm no stranger to this style-driven modus operandi, this weekend I plan on donning my share of testosterone influenced wares, along with a vintage piece that holds a special place in my heart.  So, if you have a few moments to spare, I'd love to give you a preview of what I will be rockin' this weekend.

This weekend, it's all about the shirtdress.  Borne out of the genuine love and comfort of wearing a man's oversized dress shirt, I believe the shirtdress to be a must-have staple for any woman who truly desires a well-rounded wardrobe.  Incredibly versatile in its styling, it can be played up or down without missing a beat.  Modified with a feminine flair, this light-blue linen frock displays a mandarin collar, rolled up adjustable sleeves and a tasseled, braided belt.

On my feet will be an offering from unisex sneaker giant Converse.  Serving up an eyeful of white from toe to heel, these monochrome, all leather All Stars will act as the perfect accent to give the outfit a laid back feel.

Weathered from years of wear, this tobacco-hued beauty has a lot of miles under its flap.  I've had it for, like, FOREVER!  It's my beloved Etienne Aigner and it's the very first purse I ever bought in my entire life!  Man, I'm so glad I was able to hold on to it for this long.  And this weekend I am going to dust it off and rock it cross-bodied, leather stretchmarks and all!

I'll be taking the minimalist approach when it comes to accessories, opting for a simple pair of frost framed sunglasses and a sugar white watch to complete my ensemble.  This arm candy from Marc Jacobs is not only laced with a little bling-bling, but is fitted with an oversized face that's traditionally reserved for men's watches.  And it's exactly this über masculine feature that makes me love it even more - it's a timepiece that's built like a man's, but "made" for a woman.

Now, I was thinking of adding a hat to the mix, but I don't know.  What do y'all think?  Yes?  No?  Eh... I prolly won't even bother.  I think I like the arrangement all on its own... but I was tossing around the idea a bit.

Well, there you have it!  That is the total rundown of my outfit for this weekend - something old, something new... nothing borrowed, but there is something blue.  I love that fashion is so malleable, especially for women.  From clothing to undergarments to hats and even cologne - what's his can easily be hers with very little editing (if any!).  Basically, WE CAN WEAR IT ALL!

So if you're ready to put your style acumen to the test and have never explored the woman-friendly world of male-oriented clothing, try it!  Better yet, venture over to an actual Men's Department and see what you find.  At the very least, you'll find inspiration.  At the most, a brand new outfit!  I don't know about you, but that sounds like a sure fire win-win to me.  #BEINGAGIRLROCKS!    

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