Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekend Report: Summerizing

Hey, guys!  Well, with the start of summer quickly approaching, I took it upon myself to raid my own closet and take a comprehensive assessment of my current collection of season-worthy attire.  I've always had a bounty of T-shirts and tanks tops to throw on at the ready; however, my post-audit numbers revealed that my wardrobe is falling woefully short in other areas.  And for what I had envisioned my summer to look like fashion-wise, that's simply no bueno.  Therefore, I'm on a mission to summerize my wardrobe something proper.  I've compiled a list of my closet's haves and have-nots, and even managed to squeeze out a Memorial Day outfit in the process.  So if you're at all curious and have a moment to spare, I'd love to share with you the final tally of what I have going on thus far. 

HAVE:  I do have a bevy of easy-breezy tops, ranging from solid colors to playful prints.  Tops in general are what I seem to buy most often because normally I do not even have to bother with trying them on.  One thing about me: I absolutely LOVE to shop, but absolutely HATE trying on clothes!  Going to a dressing room with an armful of garments... the whole process drives me bonkers!  Shirts/tops are usually no-fuss items for me.  I just grab them and go.

HAVE NOT:  Outside the pair in denim and two other pairs, including the ones above, I am severely lacking in the shorts department.  Yes, yes, y'all... I think I own a total of three pairs of shorts.  Three!  And it's totally apparent that in this case, three is NOT the magic number.  I've got to up my game in this gam-bearing category and do it pronto!  In the meantime, I do have the apron-inspired pair above to don this Memorial Day weekend, which is actually a skort (skirt + short).


HAVE NOT:  "I think I have enough shoes," said no woman EVER!  And I am no exception.  But my need is real: I desperately need to add some more sandals to my roster of shoes.  I am so done with wearing the summer synonymous, cheap, rubber flip-flops - they aren't good for your arches and leave the soles of your feet black with street soot after a day's wear (#EWW!).  I'm on the lookout for some more cultured fare, some foot candy with some flair.  And if they have a little feminine garnish like the ones above then that's all the better!

Add on a pair of sunglasses (of which I have a full supply) and I'm all set and summerized for the holiday.

HAVE:  I own polishes aplenty, enough to keep my fingers and toes painted for quite some time.  Of course I had to make sure my feet were right and tight for this weekend.  I gave them a sprucing up with a dollop of pink.  And, yes, I went back to my signature flowers for decoration. 

HAVE:  And summer wouldn't be complete without a summer-worthy scent to gracefully herald your presence.  I have an entire catalogue of fragrances from which to choose, including this trio of Marc Jacobs rollerballs that I have yet to crack open.  Perfect for anytime of the year, I simply cannot wait to put these lovelies to use!

So there you have it.  Assembling an outfit to wear this weekend made me painfully aware of how scant my summer closet is.  I'm in dire need of a larger selection of shorts, shoes and accessories (oh, my!), especially belts.  And some items I thought were still viable no longer fit me.  Therefore, an overhaul is overdue!  It's time for me to plump up my emaciated wardrobe with some much needed essentials.  Operation Summerize is in full effect!  One outfit's down and in the books... with plenty more to go.

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