Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Product Purge: Makeup

Hey, guys!  Well, spring cleaning is still going on in my neck of the woods and now it's time for me to clear out some of the old makeup items that have been doing nothing but collecting dust.  From misguided purchases to underperforming, so-called bargains - these products have worn out their welcome and simply must go!  So, if you're at all curious, I'd love to show you the cadre of cosmetics that'll be unceremoniously getting the boot! 

Encouraged by the success I'd had with their HIP eyeshadow duos, I bought this L'Oreal single shadow with the hopes that it would be on par with its roster mates.  Granted, the shadow was on sale for only a dollar, but I just saw that as an awesome bargain.  Well, instead of it being a come-up, it ended up being a total let down: its casing was cheap and came unhinged easily, and the blue was dull with lackluster pigmentation to match.  At the cost of one hundred pennies, I think I can well afford to let this drugstore dud go.  And so I will.  

This was the very first concealer I ever bought.  I saw it listed as the beauty editor's fave in Essence magazine years ago, and went out to purchase it right away.  I was just getting my toes wet in the deeper end of the makeup pool back then and when I got my hands on this Flawless Skin concealer from Prescriptives, I just KNEW I was doing something!  Well, after a crash course in Concealer Shade 101 (and many odd looking applications later), I realized this was too dark for me.  I mean, it looked suitable after trying it on at the makeup counter when I bought it.  Ughhh... I can only imagine how tired a raccoon I must've looked wearing it to work day after day... after day.  Embarrassing.  Maybe I'll reassign it as a contouring agent.  Eh, never mind.  It's getting tossed... pronto!

This next band of misfits will be more than easy to let go of.  Discolored with visible separation from the sum of age and disregard, this set of nail polishes was part of a drugstore manicure set my mom bought for me some years ago.  Alas, I have no real use for any of these as their lack of quality is evident.  They're a cheap option to help introduce a youngin' into the world of self-pampered nails, but so not for me.  So, these will be exiting stage right ASAP.  (Sorry, Mom!)

Please do not ask me why I held on to these.  Two versions from MAC, one each from MUFE and Chanel - I've kept these vetoed shades/formulations of foundations for way too long now.  Again, please don't ask me why.  It's time that I right this wrong and free up some valuable real estate in my makeup drawer.  It's time for these unused samples to go bye-bye. 

Much like a young girl's neglected Barbie dolls, these drugstore brushes - with their matted bristles and flimsy ferrules - have no place in my much matured, cosmetic toy box.  These tools never proved useful as they are both impractical and inadequate for garnering guru-worthy results.  But, again, they were a gift that came in a set (yes, from dear ol' Mama).  And after holding on to them for many moons, it's finally time to let them go.

Not much to say about this one except for the obvious: it's so not for my skin tone.  I received this Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint in a makeup combo I picked up from a friend.  Seems like an OK product.  Problem is is that it's more of a cashew-beige.  Meanwhile, I'm more of a toasted chestnut.  Oh, well.  This one's a no-brainier.  Farewell, tiny tint!

Way before my gaggle of gel liners, I purchased this liquid-in-a-tube liner from CoverGirl.  It's a nice burnt brown with a nice consistency (still) that's saddled, unfortunately, with a not-so-nice brush.  This old school, Extremely Gentle Softliner's applicator just couldn't hold up as the bristles are now permanently disheveled and askew after having squeezed the brush through the tube's narrow opening during my few times using it.  It has completely flatlined.  And so it's time to put this eyeliner to rest.

So there you have it.  I'm getting closer to my goal of having completely cleared out my spaces of all the extras and the unused for spring, and guess what?  I feel good.  I feel good that I'm being decisive about what's being tossed and I'm excited about all the new things I'm making room for.  I still have a few more rounds to go, but progress is visible.  The Product Purge train is slowly pulling out of Makeup station... ready to make its next stop... furthering its steady advance towards Mission Complete - its final destination.  #CHOOCHOO    

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