Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Flashback: Shimmer Strips

Hey, guys!  Does anyone remember these?  When I first started getting serious about my eyeshadow game, I was ravenous for just about any and every type of color embellishment for the eyes.  Besides stalking the MAC counters every time I went to the mall, I would scour my local drugstores' weekly ads for listed sales and amble into their brick and mortars to happen upon those that were unlisted.  And that's where I found these.  Snuggled in a discount bin amongst a motley of reduced makeup items were some Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips.  I grabbed two of them.  And if you don't mind taking a visual stroll down memory lane with me, I'd love to share some of my thoughts on these tubular shadows with you.

Shimmer Strips are eyeshadow duos coordinated to complement specific eye colors.   Housed in a tube about the circumference of a drinking straw, the paired pigments are pressed into the windows of the screw on/off wells located at opposite ends of the tube while the stubby, foam applicators used to access the pigments are firmly designed to help line, highlight and/or provide all-over color to the eye.


Being the true renegade that I am, I totally bypassed the eye color/shadow protocol and simply picked up what interested me: Green Eyes, which is a pale, celery green and pearly purple combo...

... and Blue Eyes, which couples an arctic baby blue with a rusty bronze. 

As the name of the product suggests, all of the shades had a pearl, shimmery finish.  I found the depth of the pigmentation to be decent (with the light-blue being the most suspect) and the domed applicator diligent enough in dispersing product, but wasn't overly impressed with either.  I can see me using the shadows in conjunction with or as a stand alone eyeliner, though.  But as an all-over lid color?  Not so much.  And the fault for that doesn't exactly fall squarely on the shoulders of the shadow; the applicator is pretty small, so having to dip it into the well multiple times to fully cover multiple lids just ain't my idea of a good time, you know?  And there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of product in there anyway... What if I run out mid-lid?!  (Oh, the horror!) 

So, even though I'm not singing an aria over these Strips, they did make my spring cleaning cut (barely!) and should be fine working in cahoots with other shadows.  They're certainly not the worst I've ever tried.  And if you happen to find them somewhere for a steal like I did awhile back, they may be worth checking out and purchasing in lieu of a full priced eyeliner.  Gotta turn lemons into lemonade, y'all... #BOOYA! 

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