Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekend Report: Rock 'n' Roller

Hey, guys!  Well, it's about that time again to do a little shimmy in celebration of yet another weekend!  Do you guys have any plans?  I don't.  Well, I may hook up with a friend (wink-wink) on Saturday, but other than that... I'll be locked in chill-mode.  So, in honor of my potential date with a pretty cool cat, I figured I'd do a dry run through of what I'll probably don that day.  Clothes... well, I'm still piecing my ensemble together.  But what I will be rockin' on my face I already know.  I'm going for a little drama this weekend, ya dig?  And I've assembled all the key players that'll best help me orchestrate and execute my final vision...

After priming my eye and securing its color setting with a shellacking of L'Oreal's 24HR Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe, I will be recruiting the out-of-sight Roller Girl palette from Urban Decay to bring some groovy shimmer to my lids.

Roller Girl has a total of four high-pearl/frost shadows nestled in its panel, but I'll only be using two: Woodstock (fuchsia) and Verve (silver-taupe).  Along with MAC's Carbon (black) and Ricepaper (peach-gold) rounding out the color crew, my eyes should end up looking like this: 

On my cheeks will be an ample dose of Hourglass' blush/highlighter hybrid Mood Exposure and finishing off the set as a complement to the eyes in both depth and darkness will be Make Up For Ever's purple lippy tour de force - Rouge Artist Intense #14.  After all the priming, painting and primping, my face should end up like this:

Well, there you have it!  I plan on giving my face a lift with a bit of vampy drama... all courtesy of just a handful of products.  This will be my first time using my Roller Girl palette, too.  (And to the initiated, that comes as no surprise.)  So this should be fun!  Yep, I've got the makeup aspect of my look all figured out and ready to rock 'n' roll this weekend.  #HOLLA!

Now, if only I could figure out what to wear....  Hmm...

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