Monday, April 27, 2015

Barbie: Harley Davidson

Hot.  Biker.  Mama.  Those are the three words I would freely use to describe this free-spirited beauty.  Clad in black leather from top to toe, she's all dressed up with nowhere in particular to go... but every intention on getting there.  She's up for some adventure.  And why not?  The weather has finally broken and she's got some time off from her busy schedule, so a well-deserved road trip seems in order.  And Barbie knows just the road hog to recruit for her impromptu sojourn - her fired up, chromed out Harley Davidson!  It's a super mean machine; the perfect two-wheeled specimen to take tooling around back roads and beyond...  She's ready to discover the "undiscovered" and is equipped with all the right accoutrements to do it with style.


Layered in the finest of biker babe essentials, Barbie sports a black crew-neck top underneath her thick cut, black leather jacket.  Both jacket and top are emblazoned with the Harley Davidson name/logo as well as orange-yellow flames, with the zip-up jacket bearing its flames down the length of the sleeves.


Working aesthetically in cahoots with her jacket is a boss pair of matching leather pants with a set of orange-yellow flames running up the outer seams.  Vivid in color and design, they will definitely be an eye-catcher as Barbie flexes her riding muscles and burns up and down the highway. 

And just in case you still weren't sure where her loyalties lie when it comes to motorcycles, she added on a few more Harley Davidson accessories, like the thick, chain-linked belt wrapped around her svelte waist...

... and black, three-pocket leather backpack, complete with snap closure. 

Keeping the flame motif going, Barbie opts for a black helmet with fiery, bright decals to help keep her safe on the road. 

And, forever maintaining her code of chic, this fashionable chopper chick rounds out her riding ensemble with a designer pair of ink-black motorcycle boots.

Windswept tresses may sound romantic, but add to that a case of "helmet hair" and you have a recipe for a tangled, unsightly disaster!  Well, Barbie will have none of that as she smartly dresses her locks in long cornrows styled in a half 'n' half.  In her ears are a simple pair of small, silver hoops and perched on her head is a pair of road-worthy sunglasses.  Road tested, road approved! 

With all that's going on with her outfit and such, Barbie decided to keep her makeup to the bare minimum.  A soft, neutral eye and a rich, burnt-red lip was all she was looking for.  And really, that's all she needed to bring a little color to her face.

So there you have it!  Barbie is getting her motor running and heading out on the highway.  She's looking for adventure and whatever else happens to come her way.  Loaded in leather, she appears to be the quintessential "biker babe", but she's way more than that.  She's a bad-to-the-bone bombshell who knows her way around an open road and has the fully customized, miles laden Harley to prove it.  She's ready to put her pedal to the metal and see some sunrises and sunsets...   A HOT BIKER MAMA who undoubtedly knows how to ride out with style!

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