Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Flashback: Prestige Mermaid

Hey, guys!  Today is the very first day of spring!  (Woo-hoo!)  And to kick off the start of my favorite season I have three spring-related shades of pretty I'd love to show you.  Now, I have this listed as a Flashback since I snapped this up many moons ago from a discount bin at my local Rite Aid.  However, more recently, I happened across this palette while perusing an Ulta in another state.  Soooo... yeah, it may still be available depending on the location.  Anywho, enough with the jibber-jabber and please allow me to showcase a little palette whose quality took me quite by surprise - Mermaid by Prestige.

Mermaid is a trio of soft hues: a pale pink, which is a satin; a golden brown, which is a pearl; a grass green, which is also a satin.  The shadows, which are housed in a mirror-equipped, hard plastic case with simple closure, can be worn traditionally or transformed into a liquid eyeliner via its Line Creator Liquid.  It is from Prestige Cosmetics - a drugstore darling with a huge catalogue of beauty items.  I'm a huge fan of their eyeliners, lipliners and lippies, but had never tried their shadows... until now.  And I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised.  All three shades were richly pigmented, had a very nice texture and performed very well, lasting a day's wear with no issues of muddiness or fading atop an eye primer. 

The Line Creator Liquid comes in a small, narrow tube with an equally narrow, pointed applicator.  It can be used in cahoots with any eyeshadow to create a liner by simply swirling the wet wand in the desired shade. 

And while the Line Creator held true to its boasts of creating an adequate eyeliner, which dried down fairly quickly into a virtually smudge-free liner, I would recommend using a different applicator as I found that the one provided was a little too "dainty" to create a consistent, robust line of color.  The wand doesn't pick up enough product in one go, so I had to make multiple dips in the shadow just to gain enough product for one complete line.  Also, I fear that its tip may not hold up under the rigors of constant swiping and swirling.  But the shadows themselves held up well in transformation.

So there you have it!  Three lovely eyeshadows that can be used wet or dry, just in time for the change of seasons.  And if you can get your hands on this palette, I definitely recommend scooping it up.  It's a watercolor-hued pastiche of some of the visual dictates associated with spring and I'm so happy that I was able to add it to my collection!

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