Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekend Report: Re-CoverGirl

Hey, guys!  We've only got one more week in the month of February.  Can you believe it?  Time is racing by.  I've been kinda nursing myself back to health this week on account of catching a case of the sniffles a few days ago.  It's nothing full-blown.  However, with the congestion that's taken a stranglehold of my nostrils as well as caused my voice to drop to a deep, scratchy, unladylike baritone that would have given Lou Rawls a run for his money, I won't be doing too much this weekend.  But I would still like to put on a "good face" and doll myself up a little, though.  So, with that in mind, I pulled a basic 1-2-3 look together... using an old drugstore find as the main attraction.

Starting out as a base on my lids will be a throwback from way back: a frosty, pale pink Paint Pot from MAC called Fresco Rose.  Not only do Paint Pots help color-boost your eyeshadows, but they also do a great job in keeping them in place and preventing them from creasing.

Layered on top will be a quad from CoverGirl that I've mentioned in passing before.  Don't know the name of it (or if it even had one), but it's filled with pinks and berries.  I will be recruiting the two most pigmented out of the four - the carnation pink and deep wine color.

After applying the two shadows and then adding MAC's moody eggplant shade in Shadowy Lady for depth, my eyes should end up looking like this:

Rounding out the color crew will be Revlon's icy Gentlemen Prefer Pink on my lips...

... and Inglot's #63 blush on my cheeks.  After the dust has cleared and the final brush has been laid down, my face should end up looking like this:

So there you have it - my cure for the "kinda-sick-but-don't-wanna-admit-it" weekend blues.  Well, maybe not the cure, but certainly a supplement to the cure.  Hey, I'm already on the mend and feel my bout of the sniffles coming to an end.  Therefore, I'm writing my own prescription to help speed up my recovery: two shades of berry with a swig of pink should do the trick.  It's a healthy dose of "Look good, feel better".  And with me more than ready to get my health meter back to a robust 100%, I am definitely all for it!