Monday, February 16, 2015

Barbie: Timeless Silhouette

Her box has seen better days.  But nestled away behind a window of cellophane guarded by peek-a-boo panels decorated with her image is an elegant beauty who remains untouched by the hands of time.  She's the belle of the ball.  A debonair debutante with style and flair to boot.  She's Timeless Silhouette Barbie and, if you have a moment to lend me, I'd love to introduce you to her!

Resplendent in a simple color menu of pink and black, she is quite the vision.  From the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, every inch has been meticulously manicured and composed to bring about the symphony of loveliness you see before you.

The strapless bodice of her gown is a rich, velvet black trimmed in pink satin.  A demure bow of the same color provides the perfect accent to the upper left frame while draped over her shoulders is a flow of tulle highlighting the two contrasting shades - each claiming its own spotlight on a separate arm.

Far from being austere either in manner or appearance, Barbie flaunts a sense of frivolity with a bevy of black silhouettes in various poses dotted across the hemline of her full, pink satin skirt. 

As for her accessories, she kept it classically conservative with a single string of white pearls around her neck...

... as well as a matching pair of pearl studs in her ears.  A set of cotton-white gloves and jet-black heels round out the ensemble.

Unencumbered by an onset of fussy curls and such, her face is an understated vision of soft pink - both on her eyes as well as cheeks.  Her full lips crank the tone up a notch with a rimming of hot pink before settling on a repeat of the softer hue in the middle of her pout.  Her high ponytail, secured by a ribbon of black satin, gives the perfect complement to her countenance.  She is perfection with a capital "P".    

So there you have it!  This Timeless Silhouette beauty is more than just a pretty face in a pretty gown.  She is elegance personified.  She's a winsome nod to an era gone-by when being glamorous required a lot more than just fancy clothing.  It took a keen fashion sense with a dash of poise, refinement as well as some other intangibles - all of which Barbie has an abundance of.  She's truly one of the "classics".  And I'm so glad to have her in my collection! 

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