Monday, January 19, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

OK, the reviews were pretty much all over the place with this one.  When I first saw this online, I got excited.  Unimpressed by its predecessor, I was completely gung-ho about the colors in this palette and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  And then I viewed some of the swatches and lukewarm reviews on it and got deflated.  Only after speaking with my sister some time later, who'd already purchased the palette and was loving it, did I feel confident enough to roll the dice and buy it.  And I'm ultra glad I did!  So, if you have a few moments to spare, I'd love to give you my two cents on Too Faced's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar.   

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar is the follow-up to the wildly popular Chocolate Bar Eye Palette from Too Faced Cosmetics (which I do not own).  Housed in a tin fashioned after a milk chocolate candy bar - as opposed to the original's dark chocolate facade - are sixteen decadent smelling, cocoa-infused shades of mostly rich browns, along with a sumptuous black and a pop of blue thrown in for good measure.  Like the first one, it has a pleasant mix of pearls and mattes; however, Semi-Sweet's hues run warmer.  Its tin has a simple, magnetic closure and comes complete with a large mirror and how-to booklet.

Licorice (L), Coconut Créme (R)
Cocoa Chili (L), Pink Sugar (M), Puddin' (R)

Puddin', Pink Sugar, Cocoa Chili, Coconut Créme and Licorice

OK, so let's address one of the first of two controversial shades: Pink Sugar.  Many who gave this palette a mediocre review did so based on some of the shades having a "lack of pigmentation", with Pink Sugar being one of the main culprits.  But I have to disagree with this assessment since this shadow, which is an iridescent, pale pink with pink sparkles, is supposed to be used in conjunction with and layered on top of another eyeshadow.  Pink Sugar is a sheer overlay, therefore, its pigmentation is commensurate with its duty as a complementary eyeshadow and isn't meant to be an all-over lid color on its own.

Rum Raisin (L), Mousse (M), Caramel (R)

Caramel, Mousse, Rum Raisin

Nougat (L), Truffled (M), Hot Fudge (R)

Blueberry Swirl (L), Peanut Butter (M), Frosting (R)

Frosting, Peanut Butter, Blueberry Swirl, Hot Fudge, Truffled and Nougat

And now let's address the other "shady" shade: Blueberry Swirl.  Many have been disappointed with its quality as well, but I honestly don't see why.  Yes, although it is a light shade of faded denim-blue with blue sparkles, it is definitely not light on pigmentation.  I had no problems whatsoever swatching this (nor any of the shades for that matter) and I rather think it's a pretty color.  If you're looking for a deep, dark blue - no, this isn't it.  But it's highly pigmented and if you prefer darker, you could always put a darker base underneath to give it more depth.

Bon Bon (L), Butter Pecan (R)

Butter Pecan, Bon Bon

So there you have it!  I really, REALLY do like this palette - a total surprise since, after reading all the negative reviews, I really REALLY didn't think I would.  But it just goes to show that sometimes you have to let your own fingers do the walking (and talking) in order to conduct some up close and personal research for yourself.  Feel things out (literally) and come to your own conclusions, you know?  I almost missed out on this one, but I'm happy I didn't.  And now I have my very first Too Faced palette (shocking, right?!)!  But it's true.  And you can simply color me impressed with this one, guys; each eyeshadow is amazingly smooth, silky soft and generously pigmented.  Seriously?  I am a new fan.  This palette is ab fab, y'all.  AB FAB, I tell ya!  And the fact that it smells like chocolate just makes it all the sweeter!  #WINNING! 

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar is available at Ulta and Sephora, and retails for $49. 


  1. Lovely palette indeed, this just goes to show you can't solely rely on reviews LoL. I'm glad you enjoy it!

  2. lovely colors
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    1. Hi, Dimple! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm glad you liked the post. ;0) I do not do the whole "follow for follow" thing, however, I am more than happy to check out your blog and follow on my own accord if I choose to do so. Thanks for understanding!

  3. Ive been wanting this pallete for so long, the colours are stunning!

    I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog, hope to see your reply :)

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    1. Hi, Sarah! Thank you so much for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I really appreciate it! I will be sure to follow up within the week and send you the link with my replies. Thanks again! ;0)