Friday, January 2, 2015

Product Purge - Hair

Hey, guys!  Happy 2015!  How was your New Year's?  Festive and fun, I hope.  Mine was pretty cool; I watched fireworks with some friends.  But now that the celebrating is over, it's time for me to get down to brass tacks.  Once again, I find myself saddled with a horde of products that I either need to re-purpose or simply get rid of - preferably the latter.  This time it's hair stuff.  And instead of embarrassing myself by showing the tons of hair wares that have now found their way into the dreaded "product graveyard", I figured I'd just feature a few notables along with my would-be plans for them to help further my quest to start off the new year junk-free.

First up is Aveda's Shampure Conditioner.  From what I remember, I actually like(d) this... along with the shampoo.  I believe it did well on my hair and I love the earthy, herbal smell associated with most Aveda products.  Since one tends to use up more shampoo than conditioner during a wash cycle, I was left with quite a bit of this.  So my plan is to use up the remaining amount during the next couple of weeks and finally be done with it.

Next up is another conditioner that's missing its shampoo counterpart - Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Conditioner from Alterna.  This product, too, I ended up liking a lot.  True to its name, it was moisturizing and left my hair soft.  However, clearly I didn't like it enough for it to totally usurp my then longtime staple, Fresh Soy Shampoo, as I found myself running back to it after purchasing sets of Caviar twice.  (By the way, have I mentioned that Fresh discontinued the full-size version of their Soy poo and now only sells a teeny, tiny travel size of it?!  Yeah.  Color me mucho disappointed on that one!)  Anywho, I plan on using this one up right after I finish with the Aveda.

This one I bought in the hopes of it being the same as the original.  But, alas, the company changed hands, they changed its formula and, in turn, lost me as a fan.  It's Arosci Leave-In Conditioner and it used to be the BOMB!  I'm so serious.  Not only did it leave my hair feeling like and acting like an angel had touched it, but it smelled divine, too!  Ugh!  Why do things have to change?  WHY?!  Well, like I said, this redo ended up being a re-don't; I can't stand the new version's smell and it does absolutely NOTHING for my tresses.  So I will not be holding on to this one at all!

OK, this one I don't think I ever used.  Well, maybe I used it once, but definitely not often enough to remember whether it was a yea or a nay for my hair.  I bought this Elasta QP Design Foam years ago when I first started getting serious about my hair.  Back in the day I used to wrap my hair wet (as opposed to wrapping my hair dry like I do now) and thought this mousse/foam would help with my wet set.  I honestly don't recall whether it did or not, but my ex-boyfriend's daughter took a liking to it as she was the one who ended up using most of the product.  I may try using it on a wet curl set, but I rarely even do those... so this one's most likely a goner, too.

Now, when this serum first debuted, I was so excited to try it.  However, my excitement was soon abated as I found it to be more than disappointing.  I was looking for something light to use as a gloss-inducing heat protectant with my flat-iron, but this Triple Moisture Shine Serum from skincare giant Neutrogena fell woefully short.  It failed to give my hair the mirror-like shine I was used to via other serums and the smell wasn't a win for me either.  Needless to say, I won't be holding on to this any longer.

Speaking of shine, I bought this last hair product years ago after hearing so many great things said about it.  The name alone was alluring enough, but BioSilk's Silk Therapy Shine On just wasn't the "gloss-in-a-can" I was looking for.  I found it to be very heavy in spite of it claiming to be the opposite; it left my hair looking and feeling greasy even though I didn't use a lot, and its heavy-handed, perfumed scent is extremely overwhelming to me.  But "different strokes for different folks" as my sister is actually fond of this finishing spray, so it will most likely be finding a new home with her.   

Well, there you have it, guys!  Even though I started this de-cluttering thing a long time ago, I am still discovering things I desperately need to let go of.  I do realize it's an on-going process that I'll probably never be completely done with.  However, I am determined to have a fresh start for the new year and purging these unused, unwanted hair items is a great way to keep the momentum going.   


  1. May I recommend a product for very shiny hair, my holy grail: Alfaparf Semi di Lino blue vials.

    1. I've never heard of it. I'm going to Google it now. How long have you been using it?