Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Evening Quickie

It's not even the end of the week (not even close!) and I'm already up to some tomfoolery thanks to my part-time partner in crime, Birthday Boy.  But this one's a quickie.  Yep.  Without warning or any type of notice, he came by, scooped me and whisked me off to the movies.  Oh, but let me not get so ahead of myself.  When B-Boy came, he didn't come empty-handed.  He came bearing gifts... Caribbean gifts... gifts of the edible persuasion.  Scantily clad in the thin, white, plastic takeout bags he had swinging from each of his hands were filled-to-the-brim, styrofoam boxes of Jamaican goodness!  And you already know that I was more than happy to take part in the spicy spoils! 

He handed me a box and when I opened it, my jaw nearly hit the floor as the culinary vision of rice and beans, cabbage, and oxtails danced before my eyes.  He knows me oh, but too well to have ordered this for me on his own.  And so I indulged, delighting all five of my senses in the process.  I savored every morsel, every bite.  And it was so good, y'all.  Mmm!  And do you see the lavish portion of my platter?  The box was barely able to contain it all; it was overflowing!  It was so much that, alas, poor Dolce could not finish it all.  But don't cry me a river yet 'cause I, of course, saved the surplus so I could revisit it the next day and pleasure my palate all over again.     

OK, do you see this?  This is a boxful of Jamaican patties, both chicken and beef.  OH-MA-HEAVENS!  What can I say, guys?  Yeah, mon!  (sorry, guys!  It just slipped out...)  Anywho, if you've never had an authentic Jamaican patty and love spicy food then you should definitely treat yourself to one.  They are awesome!  It's what we Americans would consider a meat turnover... only BETTER.  So, yes, you are certainly missing out if you've never tasted one.  It should go on your bucket list under "Foods To Try Before I Die".  Yep.  I said it.  They're that good.

For his main meal, B-Boy had the jerk chicken served with the same sides I had.  He caught me eyeing his plate so he shared a bit of it with me... and when I tell you that the chicken was so off tha chain that it made you wanna slap somebody's mama and scream bloody murder in patois, please believe it!  It was so smoky and spicy that my woefully under-sophisticated tongue thought it was ribs.  That's what it tasted like to me; it didn't taste at all like chicken, but some of the best tasting, spiced down ribs you ever had in your life -  #YUM!  Oh, and he also brought two huge mounds of coco bread, which is a slightly sweetened bread made with coconut milk, but we tore that up on sight so, unfortunately, I wasn't quite able to visually capture its golden goodness quick enough.  Umm... yeah.  #MYBAD

(A Christmas-themed advert shown before the film)

Anywho, after filling our bellies, we shuffled over to the local theater and saw Chris Rock's current feature Top Five.  In my opinion, it was just OK.  I saw what Chris was trying to do with the film, but it meandered too much, jetted awkwardly back and forth between tones (serious-comedic) and just wasn't as funny as I had hoped it would be.

But still, a good time was had by all.  Or by the both of us, I should say.  Yep, the Awesome Twosome of B-Boy and Dolce has struck again.  Late night shenanigans are our specialty!  We laugh in the face of weekday curfews!  (HA!)  Where will our next adventure lead us?  Who knows?  But one thing is for sure: whether it's a weekend excursion or a weekday quickie, we're always down for whatever.  I'm the Darla to his Alfalfa -  just a couple of crazy kids trying to live life to the fullest... one adventure at a time.

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