Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vision Quest

I may be jumping the gun here, putting the carriage before the horse and all, but I went looking for furniture the other day.  Well, actually, I went into Marshall's (a discount department store) to see what kind of makeup and beauty products they had on hand, and ended UP in the home decor/furniture section.  For what it's worth, I didn't buy anything.  But what I did end up leaving with was a pocketful of ideas on how I would like my new abode to be furnished once I get settled.

I first made a stop in the organizer section and happened upon this makeup caddy as well as a multi lipstick holder.  Both were clear acrylic and the caddy had a small mirror attached for convenience, but neither really did anything for me so I kept it moving.

Inching closer to the decor section, I came across a bevy of baskets.  From wicker/rattan to wire framed to wood, I am a huge sucker for baskets and found myself attracted to one in particular.  Large enough for a baby to comfortably ride down the Nile in, I can see myself making good use of two or three of these.  But, alas, I did not purchase even one.  I placed the basket back on the shelf and kept on truckin'.

Now, I thought this was pretty cute.  I wouldn't buy it, but still think it's kinda cute nonetheless.  What looks like a vinyl apron is actually a multiple scarf holder where you would tuck your neck accessories through the daisy framed holes for safe keeping.  Welp, that's one I never would have though of...

This decorative glass bowl caught my eye...

... as did these faux leather, iron framed stools.

Marshall's changes out their inventory quite frequently, so on this day there wasn't a whole lot to "ooh" and "ahh" over.  But I did take a fancy to this tufted, faux leather bench with the cavernous storage space hidden underneath the seating.  Furniture doing double duty?  Now that's right up my alley!

Having had my fill of what they had as far as furniture went, I wandered into the small makeup section.  Well, more like makeup rack.  They had their usual round up of e.l.f. products, but I was surprised to see two new faces in the mix:

Pop star Fergie's Centerstage Collection for Wet 'n' Wild made an appearance...

and high-end brand Borghese managed to make a cameo, too.  A couple of unexpected finds with the latter causing my heart to pitter-patter a tad bit faster upon sight.  However, gloating as the proud victor over this last temptation, I calmly put the Borghese box back on its rack and concluded my trip with a smile.

And so although I left empty-handed, I gained a wealth of ideas and creative direction for what I want my place to look like, which has whet my appetite for more inspiration laden missions like this one. Boy, I can't wait until this all comes together.  Yep, I am putting the carriage before the horse, but that's OK.  I'm still en route, only now I have a clearer vision of what I want my destination to look like when I finally arrive.

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