Friday, October 17, 2014

OMG, It's the New MUFEs!

Guys, I think I may need some serious help.  At the very least, I need some medication of some sort because when I went into my local mini Sephora (the truncated version of Sephora located inside JCPenney department store), I nearly lost my mind.  Knowing full well that the satellite Sephoras do not carry the full shebang that the flagship stores do, I went in there to see if they had my shampoo (yes, shampoo AGAIN!) and, lo and behold, they had the new, reformulated Make Up For Ever eyeshadows!  Granted, they only had about 69 of the entire range of 210 shades, but it was enough for me to get lost in a whirlwind of swipes and swatches, and gather some intel on what I would eventually want to buy.  So, without any further yip-yap, I'm going to get right into it and show y'all what I spent a good couple of hours ogling and playing around with: the new Artist Shadows by MUFE.

Whites, Beiges, Pinks, Oranges: 

Already strapped with a reputation of having high-performance, highly pigmented products, Make Up For Ever has now introduced a "new and improved" rendition of their already awesome eyeshadows and blushes.  These gel-powder shadows are ultra blendable and come in five distinct finishes: Matte, Metallic, Diamond, Iridescent and Satin.   The top row display of muted neutrals alongside more passionate colors like Tangerine ME734 made me swoon...

Earthy Neutrals, Browns and Taupes:

But, believe it or not, it was the collection of sultry browns and taupes that made me salivate viciously!  My eyes went back and forth, back and forth... running over the array of earth tones and mauve-y taupes until I just couldn't take it anymore - I had to swatch!  I really didn't know what to swatch first, but I had to swatch.  And, OH. MA. GUDNESS...

Each and every shadow, regardless of finish, felt very smooth like crushed velvet.  They had a dry, firmness to them as opposed to them feeling "moist" or creamy like other gel formulated shadows, but were no less impressive as every shade relinquished color on cue and without much effort at all. 

Violets, Blues, Greens, Blacks: 

And then I laid my peepers on the eye-poppers of the day and I literally could NOT stand still!  You guys know how much I love my brights and bolds, and these MUFEs were serving them up big time.  I simply could not wait to get my already overworked fingertips into these...

(Black Purple ME930)

Now, each individual shadow retails for $21 (available at both Sephora and MUFE boutiques) and the palettes retail for $1; however, at Sephora, if you buy two shadows and a duo palette, you get a $9 discount (spending $34 total) and a $20 discount with a three/three combo (spending $44 total).  Really, they needn't say more - they already had me with the quality of the shadows, but they sealed the deal with the word "discount".  #HOLLAAAA!

So, can you see why I needed a dose of something to sorta calm me down and keep me from acting a complete fool in the store?  I do not consider shopping a spectator sport; if I see something I like, I buy it.  I don't window shop, but I was definitely a looky-lou this day as I was totally caught off guard and unprepared.  Oh, but don't worry, chickadees!  Dolce will not be a looky-lou for long.  I've done my research and will be turning in my homework very soon so I can get my hands on these babies.  Consider me a true "stan" of the new MUFE Artist Shadows and I could not be any more excited at the prospect of adding these vivid gems to my makeup collection! 


  1. i recently purchased a trio online because my local truncated Sephora was all out of shadows. i'm glad that you were able to take a look at them and show us the swatches, they're lovely!

    1. Ooh, what colors did you get? Have you worn them yet? I am so excited to try them; still deciding which first three I should grab... :0)

  2. they haven't gotten to me yet, they're all brown matte shades...i'll have to blog about them, i have alot to blog about for that matter lol
    soon come lol