Friday, October 10, 2014

By Request: How I Cut My Bangs

Recently, I had a lovely reader compliment me on my bangs (or "fringe" for those across the pond!) and ask me how I maintain them.  I've been rocking bangs for quite a number of years now and have formed my own groove on how I cut and style them.  It bears repeating that I am NOT a professional hairdresser nor do I claim to be one; however, after many moons of tackling my own tresses, I know what works for me.  So if that one caveat hasn't scared you away, I'd love to share with you my regimen for how I cut my bangs.

I find myself needing to cut my bangs to keep them fresh about every three weeks.  My two choice weapons of mass construction: a narrow-toothed, rat tail comb and regular hair shears/scissors.  After washing and flat ironing, I part my bangs in a moderately wide inverted "V" then separate the section from the rest of my hair.

Next, I measure how long I want my bangs to hang, which would be right smack in the middle of my eyes, at the top of my nose's bridge.  Any shorter and I look like Moe from The Three Stooges; any longer and I look like Sam Sheepdog from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Either way: no bueno.  So, once I've established my desired length, starting with the front-middle section, I do a blunt cut straight across the bang, matching that section's length to the others (left side, right side) as I go. 

(Comb pointed at bottom, shortest length)
Once I have the entire bang cut bluntly, I then part it into vertical sections and pull the hair outward from my head at a 90 degree angle.  Doing this will reveal the length of the hair as going from long to short, with the shortest length appearing at the bottom.  This will be my "guide" as I will use the shortest length at the bottom as a guide for where I want to cut the longer lengths so that the entire vertical length of the bang ends up being a straight, even line.  I do NOT cut the guide, only the longer hairs above!  I repeat: I do NOT cut the guide!!

When I am done cutting along the guide across the entire width of my bangs, the process is complete.  My bangs are full, have movement and can be swooshed to either side - left or right - for style versatility.  I have cut my bangs after curling/bumping them as well as flat-ironing them straight with no real preference between the two; both result in the same ample fringe that has now become my trademark of sorts.

It's kinda funny to me that I'm up here talking about my bangs and how I cut them when I've been seriously entertaining thoughts of changing up my hairstyle and growing them out.  Hmmm... maybe I'll hold on to them for just a little while longer, huh?  Yeah, I just might do that.  We shall see.

But in the meantime, I hope this tutorial was somewhat informative and not too convoluted.  Cutting your bangs can be highly frustrating and kind of a daunting task.  However, once you find your rhythm after some practice, the style dividends undoubtedly become worth the toil since having a fabulous fringe could be all the change you need to bump your "ho-hum" style up to "simply bangin'"!  And if you've ever slacked on your eyebrow upkeep, a full bang will hide every unplucked sin and keep those caterpillars covered!  It's a win-win smorgasbord!

So, for all those who have been debating taking the plunge, debate no more.  If I can do it, trust me - you can, too!  Grab those scissors, guys, and bang away!


  1. Hi! this is the 3rd time I try to leave a comment, I wrote one the same day you posted this, it seems my computer has been acting up so here I am trying again.
    I was the one who asked about your bangs, thanks for sharing this!, there's not a lot of information about bangs on relaxed hair online. I took your picture to my hairdresser and had bangs cut.
    How do you style yours? blow dry and flat iron? or just flat iron? Dany (P.S: I sent you an email)

    1. Hi, danysedai! I'm so glad you were finally able to leave a comment and glad you enjoyed the post! ;0) I do blow dry my hair (bangs included) with a Denman paddle or rubber brush. Afterwards, I bump/curl them under and then wrap up my whole head at night to protect the style. Please let me know if I can provide any more info that would be of assistance. I'm responding to your email, too. Thanks again for reading, danysedai!

  2. here's mine:
    the hairdresser did not cut them exactly like yours (straight accross) but left the sides a little bit longer.
    I'm still trying to figure out your tutorial (the part about parting in vertical sections) but I will try it.
    I self-relaxed yesterday and did a roller set, blew out the bangs and flat ironed them bumping them a bit. I wrapped my hair and the bangs still held their shape this morning. Thanks!!!

    I don't know if this going to work but here's a photo before the bangs:

    and here's one of today

    2 people (a man and a woman) have asked me today if it's a wig! I'll take it as a compliment :)

    I just

    1. Yay! You got your bangs cut!! And you got compliments on your hair! Double yay!! I, unfortunately, couldn't open the links and see for myself your transformation but I trust that you look beautiful! ;0) As far as my tutorial, I'm sorry for any confusion. If you look at my middle finger that's holding the bangs straight out from my head, my finger looks like it's pointing straight up to the ceiling. Same with my scissors (in the next pic below it) when I'm demonstrating cutting it. I line my bangs up in the same direction, taking vertical sections of my bangs (meaning, dragging my comb from the top of my head straight down towards my forehead) and lining up the ends of my bangs vertically so that they are stacked straight up and down and then cut in a straight line with my scissors pointing straight up towards the ceiling. Hope this helped to explain it a little better...

      Anywho, love that you love your new 'do, girl! (Maybe you can email me a pic. :0))