Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post Labor Day White

Well, actually they're off-white... but it's all the same.  With a rebel yell, you-know-who has decided to rock 'n' roll with a pair of white, tie-up you-know-whats and indulge in a little post Labor Day mischief.  I mean, does anyone really follow all that no-white-after-Labor-Day stuff?  Is it still a "thing" in the modern fashion world or just a stodgy, ol' remnant of days gone by?  Not that it matters much because you-know-who loves breaking the rules... and this one is no exception!  So, without further ado, let me show you the set of lovely sandals I recently procured called Shanna from Pour La Victoire.

Shanna is a strappy stunner from NYC-based handbag/shoe maker Pour La Victoire.  This 4.5" high-heeled sandal boasts a python embossed, leather upper with scalloped trim; genuine python bodice; shoestring, lace-up closure; metal/gold plated heel accents; and an embedded metal/gold logo under the bridge of its sole.  The shoe fits true to size and feels comfortable on.  However, due to the incline of the shoe and the slick surface of its bed, my feet slide around while wearing them so I will be equipping them with proper insoles in order to gain the traction needed to keep my feet stationed while strutting.

I really do adore these shoes, guys.  They're super cute and trés sex kitten, no?  Well, I happen to think so.  And I can't wait to wear them out while the weather still permits.  I just gotta assemble the right ensemble to complement them, that's all.

Yep, so I am slowly but surely rebuilding my wardrobe just like I promised, step-by-step... piece-by-piece.  It's all a labor of love that will take a bit of time... but, eventually, I'll get there.  And I have to admit - with an ever so sly grin stitched across my face - that I'm thoroughly enjoying the process!

Pour La Victoire Shanna is available via their website and Neiman Marcus, and retails for $245.

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