Friday, September 5, 2014

Drugstore Fare

Hey, guys!  Can I get a double high-five and a hardy "Hallelujah!" for it being the start of the weekend?  Woo-hoo!  Do y'all have any plans?  I have a few, but nothing too deep.  I'm thinking about revisiting some things I saw in various drugstores over the past week(s) or so for possible purchase... or not.  Of course, these would be things of the makeup variety.  But you already knew that, right?  So, without further delay, let me show you some of items that caught my eye, but haven't quite made the trip home with me yet.

First off, Black Radiance has some new eyeshadow palettes that look quite promising.  For those that aren't familiar, Black Radiance is a cosmetic line produced under the Markwins banner - the same company that also produces drugstore fave Wet 'n' Wild.  I'm very tempted to give two of their shadow trios a try, but just haven't pulled the trigger yet since even some of the newest Wet 'n' Wild palettes have been questionable and less than par.  Plus, although pretty, the color combos aren't all that unique enough to me to warrant a purchase.

Now, my eyes fix on this highlighter every time I pass by a Revlon display and I'll admit, yes, partly because it's pink.  However, part of its allure can also be found in the name itself - Rose Glow.  I think this would be a decent highlighter for a wide variety of skin tones, but just haven't rolled the dice yet on it.  This one's a strong "perhaps", though...

And then there's the Revlon cream blushes that I absolutely was floored to see when I saw them.  Unapologetically bright in retina bursting shades of fuchsia (Flushed) and orange (Coral Reef), these babies are definitely high on my "must-try", "must-have" and just about every other "must-" list I've composed.  I honestly can't answer why I haven't copped them yet.  Nope, I have no logical answer at all.  But I have a strong feeling that I will be correcting that wrong very soon...

Finally, there's the Flawless Eyeshadow quads from e.l.f.  Now, you guys already know that I'm not a true fan of e.l.f. products, but these looked interesting enough to at least take a gander through the menu of palettes being offered under the Flawless shadow line.  And they didn't look too shabby, either.

So, there you have it - some of the drugstore fare I've been eyeballin' as of late.  I really haven't been excited by a whole lot recently as far as new makeup products go, but these have piqued my curiosity a bit.  If any of you guys have tried any of the products listed, please feel free to let me know your take on them and how you fared.  As for me, I'll be mulling over this list to see what (if anything) makes the cut.

Anywho, here's to everyone having a splendiferous weekend!  Please be safe and enjoy!


  1. loving the green shadow. Not bold enough to wear it though.

    1. Do you wear makeup/eyeshadow at all? You could definitely pull off any color, esp. green. If wearing it on the entire lid is a little too intimidating, you could line your bottom lash line with it and keep the top neutral. Don't be scurred of a little color, girl!