Friday, August 15, 2014

Apartment Hunting: The Last Hurrah

OK, so I took an appointment a few days ago to see yet another apartment complex.  There's no sense in me feigning interest so I'm just gonna get straight to the meat 'n' potatoes.  In fact, I'm going to run right through this one because it was pretty straight forward and (in the end) quite underwhelming.  And so begins this edition of my search for my next abode...

I went to see a bi-level loft just a little ways from the downtown area and it started off promising enough.  As soon as I walked through the door, the size of the main living space impressed me with its openness and updated kitchen - which included stainless steel appliances and a marble top island.

Towards the back were a set of doors that opened to a small patio that could comfortably fit two chairs and/or a petite BBQ grille.

And in addition to the powder room, a nice sized laundry suite completed the downstairs attractions.

Traveling upstairs revealed a narrow hallway that acted as the bridge between the master and second bedrooms.  Since the master was the one located at the top of the stairs, the sales agent and I started there.

Aaaannnd that's kinda where it ended for me, too.  The master bedroom was indeed a loft-style space with unique barn door "shutters" that you could slide open and close to monitor the amount of light allowed in the room.

The room was furnished with a decent bathroom that included a double sink...

BUT the master's closet was located INSIDE the bathroom, opposite the wall to the toilet!  I really shouldn't call it a closet because that term is somewhat misleading.  It was more like a nook with three shelves.  I mean, it was so small and dinky that the sales agent immediately - and without any prodding from me - started to explain how I could maximize the space by installing an additional hang bar across the top.  She did her best, but ultimately lost me at "install".

I took the few steps down the hallway to look at the second bedroom, which was also equipped with a modest and shallow closet, and that was pretty much it.  With that old, familiar feeling of disappointment quickly coursing though my body, I mustered a smile to serve as subtle subterfuge as I thanked the perky sales agent for her time and then skedaddled.

I have to tell y'all that I'm becoming quite disenchanted with this whole process.  I mean, it's never taken me this long to find a place - ever!  All of these misfires and close calls is seriously having me reevaluate my long term versus short term goal.  I mean, is this where I need to be city-wise or am I settling?  What do I really want; what's really in my heart?  Am I working out of faith or fear?  And am I sincerely listening to my own voice, which is the only one (besides God's) that matters in the grand scheme of things?

Or maybe I'm just simply tired.  Of what, you ask?  Of everything is my answer.  But I've got to end up somewhere.  And so my search will continue on... it must!  However, I am going to step back and fine tune some things so that I can get this train on the right track to finding the place where I belong.


  1. I am so happy you are posting these blogs about your hunt.. whereas I have decided to transition to a new city within the next year. I absolutely HATED apartment shopping which is why I bought a house. lol I am picky just like you when it comes to amenities. Is this what I have to look forward to? geesh.

    1. You're moving to another city? Congrats, girl! Yeah, this whole apartment/home search thing is really dragging on, but hopefully yours won't be as tedious as mine has been thus far. Hope you have a wonderful wknd, Ashley! :0)

  2. I hope you have found something. The closet next to the toilet would have horrified me - and I like old homes so I have seen a lot of awkward things. If you don't have small children though, it's doable.

    1. No children so right now I'm flexible. I like older homes, too. *sigh* Speaking of homes, I think that's really where my heart is yearning for. But I need to find a city where I really want to live first... Oy!