Friday, August 1, 2014

Apartment Hunting 2.0

Like a rudder without a sail, I've been trying to navigate through the somewhat arduous process of finding a new abode in a brand new city, but haven't gotten very far.  The places I've seen since I've been down here just haven't completely floated my boat.  However, I did come across one that had great potential in becoming "the one".  Oh, it had all the bells and whistles and upgrades a person could ever want, with one upgrade in particular I had never even dared to dream of... and one significant "downgrade" that gave me pause...

Met by a gregarious form of gorgeousness as soon as you enter the door, the apartment's entranceway was decked out in an ornate tile design, which I liked very much.  It helped set the tone for the rest of what I was about to see and experience during the tour: decadent living at a decent price.  And with this high-caliber intro they certainly had my attention!

To the right was a dining room area that was nicely sized and equally nicely furnished.  I don't yet own a dining room set, but seeing the potential of having one in this space definitely lit a small fire beneath my feet to strongly consider the purchase.

The living area, too, was a decent size with a small balcony and fireplace to boot.  But it was the kitchen - the heart of the home - that took my breath away, if only for a moment.  It was an absolute eye-popper with beautiful granite countertops and stainless steel appliances as far as thine eyes could see.

The master bedroom was ample enough to comfortably fit a king sized bed and all its accompaniments.  It also had a small balcony off the window.

And the master bathroom was OFF.  THA.  CHAIN!  Insanely spacious and roomy, it housed a humungous his & her sink; a tiled, infinity glass shower; separate water closet and a marble tub!  Umm... that wasn't a typo.  You read right: marble tub.  Yesssss!

Did I mention that this apartment has a marble tub?!  Marble, y'all.  Wow-wee-wow!  Ab fab-u-LOUS!

And just when my mind was about to reach the farthest most point of the stratosphere due to it being blown away by the awesomeness of the bathroom, it was quickly jettisoned back to Earth upon sight of the master bedroom's closets.  Ughhhhh!  Where do I begin?  Umm, they were puny!  Small.  Too small to be called "master", which I guess is why they put two of them in there to compensate for their lack of size.  Think I was disappointed?  Try devastated!  I just couldn't believe my eyes.  For this unit to be so outfitted to the nines like it was, but then totally skimp on closet space was beyond any reasoning I could muster.  I was dumbfounded, truly.  If this place had walk-in units, I would have signed on the dotted line right then and there.  But knowing how much clothing and closet-needy stuff I have, I just couldn't pull the trigger.  I was sooo tempted... but, no, I just couldn't do it.

So, the search drags on.  Just like Goldilocks, I'm looking for just the right place to lay my head.  I'm trying my best to stick to my guns and not compromise on the things I really want.  I'm simply looking for a sweet place to call home.  And I'm crossing all fingers (and toes!) that I find that special someplace very soon.


  1. NIIIICE! But I'm sure your place will come soon enough!


    1. Aww... thanks, Ashley! I'm working on it! ;0)