Monday, August 25, 2014

A New Search

A new city, a new search... fueled by a renewed motivation.  I've been a little more than preoccupied with finding a new residence so I continued my search and took a viewing of a townhouse, which was somewhat of a departure space-wise from the other units I had seen thus far due to the two-car garage affixed to the rear of the home.

The entrance/exit to the garage was right off the kitchen, which was filled with black appliances and tile flooring that was independent of the laminated wood that covered the rest of the downstairs living space.

Adjacent to the kitchen - and under the stairs - was a small, unadorned cubby that could be used as extra storage.

Upstairs, separated by the guest bathroom and a laundry nook in the hallway, was the master and second bedroom.  Both were nicely sized, had carpet flooring and both were equipped with walk-in closets with the master laying claim to the more generously sized of the two.

(Second bedroom)

(Second bedroom's closet)

(Master bedroom)

(Master bedroom's closet)

And so what's my verdict, you ask?  Well, the jury's still out on this one.  It's an overall nice size, has great closet space and the garage is a sure fire bonus... but something's missing.  I'm not quite sure what it is...  Perhaps it's the elusive "IT" factor I've been on the hunt for ever since the beginning of my search?  Maybe.  I mean, this unit was decent, but I dunno.  I'm not quite sure this is the "one", you know?

I feel encouraged, though, which is quite a 180 from my last apartment hunt post.  Some other things that I've been waiting on have finally settled in so I'm riding that wave of momentum all the way through the rest of my search, which I know is ending soon.

A new city, a new search... fueled by a renewed motivation.  I can see the finish line just on the horizon.   Things are coming together, y'all.  Slowly, but surely... things are finally coming together.

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