Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

This past week, amid all of my usual hustle and bustle, I found myself needing to make a trip to Walmart.   My hair's current length combined with its normal shedding during washing has made it a certifiable "drain clogger" and I was tired of playing goalie trying to keep my  cast off strands from reaching the shower drain with my feet.  So, I was on a mission to find something (anything) that would help relieve my struggle and knew that "Wally World" would definitely have what I was looking for at a good price.

But first I wanted to take a quickie down the makeup aisle.  You know, just to see if there was anything new poppin and guess who/what I saw?  I finally got to lay my peepers on Drew Barrymore's makeup line Flower!  I absolutely adore her as an actress and love her free-spiritedness so seeing this was a real treat for me.

From blush/bronzer duos to eyeshadow sticks to a large array of lippies, Flower has a full stable of products to fulfill just about every facet of your makeup routine.  And what I found to be most impressive was her range of face products, including BB creams and foundations, that proudly listed richer and darker hues amongst its pickings.

(Flower Cream Foundation)

(Flower Cream Eyeshadow)

I did mosey down the fabric aisle, too, just to see what they had in their selection.  I've always been into textiles and such (I even have a sewing machine!) and couldn't resist having a gander at their inventory.

And right when I was about to exit the department, my eyes fixed on the multiple rolls of burlap neatly ensconced on the bottom shelf.  Why, oh, why do I LOVE burlap?  I don't know, but I DO!  I love everything about it and would make an entire wardrobe out of it if I could... but I know that wouldn't be practical.

And so, finally, I got down to brass tacks and found my way down the bathroom/plumbing aisle to secure a solution to my drain dilemma.  Now I was going to settle on getting some type of mesh or wire cover for the drain and call it a day, so imagine my delight to find that they actually have products specifically designed to catch errant hairs from drifting into the drain!  Wow!  And there was quite a selection, too.  But which one to choose...

After looking at my options, I decided on this Deluxe Hair Catcher from Peerless.  It has tiny, raised teeth around the perimeter and small slots in the bottom of its well as a backup, so I figured it would be sufficiently efficient at keeping hair clogs at bay.  And guess what?  It was!  I used it right after purchasing it and it worked like a charm, catching most of my strands in the teeth (the rest in the well) with not one escapee to speak of.  Success!

So that was the gist of all my goings on for last week.  Nothing terribly exciting.  It seems like time is really flying by (and it is!).  I have so much that I still need to tackle and set up, but I'm doing my best to not feel overwhelmed.  Everything is going to come together piece by piece, bit by bit, which is why I'm taking pleasure in even the small things that I accomplish.  This hair catcher thingy is just one more thing off my list of "To Do's".  It's a list that never goes blank; however, it is one that does get shorter and shorter as time goes by...

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