Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Blonde Ambition

Color me bored, y'all.  Now that my hair has grown to a nice length, it's been getting harder and harder to wrap it up neatly under a scarf at night.  And that's a smoke signal to me that it's prolly time to change up my hairstyle.  I may start wearing it big and curly like I've done before, but trying to gain a restful sleep while donning hard, plastic rollers is no easy feat, let me tell ya.  Besides, I'm itching to do something else different to it... something like COLOR.  I've flirted with color before, both on the professional (highlights) and the home-based level (semi-permanent), but never went full blown like I always wanted to.  Soooo... I decided to hippity hop down to my local Sally's Beauty Supply store to see what they had to offer.

Giving in to distraction as soon as I set foot through the door, my eyes fixed on Sally's display of their home grown brand of single eyeshadows, Sally Girl.  I've heard good things about them and at around ninety-nine cents a pop I've been more than willing to "splurge" on one or two, but just haven't found a shade tempting enough to have me bite the bullet.

I've also heard some mild chatter about Palladio and was quite impressed by the array of products offered, including their nicely hued eyeshadow quads.  But, alas, I stuck to the main purpose of my visit and didn't even attempt to disturb anything on the shelves.

And so I came up on the roller/curler aisle and perused the brightly colored Curlformers rollers that they had available.  I've always wanted to try these, but after looking at the à la carte options where the curlers were sold in small quantities separate from the crochet-like tool needed to pull the hair through the roller, I knew this wasn't a viable deal for one with a massive amount of hair like myself.

And the big pack was quite an investment (around sixty some odd dollars) for someone who still needed convincing that sleeping on/in these would be any easier than the ol' school versions.  So, I moved on.

I checked out a color wheel Sally's had perched on one of the shelves just to gauge what kind of color I wanted and I've pretty much narrowed it down.  I don't want anything with even the slightest hint of red in it and would prefer a mix of the second swatch (L to R) and the fifth.

I even eyed some of the wefts of hair that they had hanging aloft and, again, was drawn to the last two of the four (L to R), the honey-brown and the blonde.

Now, I've mentioned before that my hair (like most people's) gets a little sun-bleached during the summer leaving me with faint, light brown streaks on the sides of my head.  And since I've been in the more sun-intense region of the south, my hair has even gotten somewhat lighter starting mid-strand to the ends.  But I want more!  I wanna go blonde/honey blonde!  I mean, I know that I have to be careful since I already have a chemical in my hair (relaxer) and will likely defer to a professional's expertise in order to safely get the shade I'm pursuing.  And once I find a stylist/salon that can get my locks rockin' in my desired hue without incurring any radical damage, I'll report back with the total scoop... blow-for-blow. 

Yep.  I'm on a mission, guys, and I'm calling that mission the Blonde Ambition Tour.  Big curls alone simply ain't gonna cut it.  I'm yearning for a change... a real change.  And I have decided to go the "full monty" and get me some COLOR!

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