Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Perfect Valentine - #449

With Valentine's Day being right around the corner, I thought it only fitting that I share a holiday-worthy shade with you.  You know, just in case you were in the mood for such a thing.  I've poured through my collection of reds and pinks to try and figure out what I would be donning this weekend... that is, if I even have a reason to.  But I digress.  Let's not talk about me.  Instead, let's chit-chat a tad about a wonderful shadow I can't help but be enamored with - Inglot's #449.

#449 is a ripe watermelon shade from Inglot's Freedom System line of single eyeshadows.  This sumptuous, ruddy pink is boldly pigmented and a dream to work with as it is super soft to the touch and works well with other shadows.  It is also very competent in the role of a blush, aptly giving cheeks a glowy flush of color.   It has a pearl finish.

So, that's my earnest contribution to this year's ubiquitous run of V-day inspired cosmetic options.  I, myself, may end up going a bit darker... but I'm not certain.  Eh, but enough about me.  I just wanted to share this lovely eyeshadow with you.  You know, just in case you were in the mood for such a thing.  And, you know, just in case you weren't already inundated with an overwhelming cornucopia of reds and pinks.  Inglot's #449 is a lovely shade that would be perfect not just for this holiday of love, but for all year round.

Inglot #449 is available at select Macy's and Inglot boutiques, and retails for $7.

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