Friday, February 21, 2014

Strawberry Margarita

I am so ready for spring, you guys.  Like, soooo ready already!  I really don't mind cold weather and the holidays that come along with winter, but there's something to be said about the feel of sunshine on your face.  Or seeing the trees regain their fallen foliage.  So, in anticipation of the upcoming season, I'd like to bring to you a nail lacquer that echoes a part of the vast color palette spring will undoubtedly bring with it.  It's a wonderful shade from OPI called Strawberry Margarita.

Strawberry Margarita is a vibrant yellow-pink.  It has a high gloss finish and I was able to achieve full opacity after two coats.  I did not experience any bubbling or streaking during application and the polish lasted almost a week (about four days, which is average for me) on my busy hands before showing serious signs of wear around the edges of my nails.

When I look at this color, thoughts of playful DIY nail art dance through my head.  Oh, the flowers and butterflies and designs I could attempt to make with this!  Feminine, fun and festive, Strawberry Margarita is an intoxicating mixture of all three that will not only set off a nice mani, but will also be killer on your toes.  And I can't wait to put it to full use on both!

So, if you're like me and in need of a mini spring break before spring actually breaks then I think you owe it to yourself to personally lay eyes on Strawberry Margarita and drink this one in.

OPI Strawberry Margarita is available at Ulta and retails for $9.

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