Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Colored Pencils - Pink Lips

For the longest, it was either a light brown or a dark, reddish brown that served as my universal, "go-to" lip liner.  But as my lipstick color palette grew, so did my desire to step my lip pencil game up a notch or two.  I've acquired a fair share of pink lippies and wanted to complement the stash with a nice variety of liners.  I've got three so far that are fitting the bill and they're all drugstore finds.  So, if you've got a minute (or five) to spare, I'd love to share my finds with you.

First up to bat is a lip liner from Maybelline called (appropriately enough) Pink.  It's from their ColorSensational line of lip products.  Its straightforward moniker notwithstanding, the liner is a mid-tone pink that reads more like a blanched out burgundy-mauve on my lips/skin.  It applies easily enough without pulling and/or dragging and has a matte finish.

Next up is a liner from Prestige called Baby.  It is a strawberry pink peppered with gold pearl and it is pretty!  It applies smoothly to the lips, easily offering up a robust band of color with every stroke, and has a pearly finish.

And last up is a beauty from drugstore favorite Wet 'n' Wild called Brandy Wine.  Just as the name suggests, it is not pink but a rusty merlot with bronze shimmer.  It's a gorgeous shade that would rock well with pinks, browns and certain reds.  It applies smoothly, is generously pigmented and leaves a pearl finish.

L to R: Wet 'n' Wild Brandy Wine, Prestige Baby, Maybelline Pink

In addition to these I want to get a pink pencil from NYX... I think it's called Hot Pink.  I tried looking for it the other day, but they had none at the store where I was shopping.  I also want to pick up a deep red, a poppin' purple and a good orange one.  Oh, and a spicy nude one, too!  And then once I have procured these remaining shades I believe all my bases should be covered.  Hopefully, I'll be able to scoop most of them from the drugstore, but if not then I'll see what MAC has up their sleeve.  Either way, I'm looking to get this done soon.  And when I do, I'll be sure to show 'n' tell!

Maybelline ColorSensational Pink, Prestige Baby and Wet 'n' Wild Brandy Wine can be found at various drugstores, and retail for around $6, $5 and $.99, respectively.

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