Friday, January 3, 2014

Naked Beauty - 319

When Urban Decay came out with the Naked 3 palette, it seemed like everyone was fawning over its beguiling variants of dusty pink shadows.  I liked the idea of the palette and thought it was pretty looking, however, my enthusiasm for it was stymied after I realized the numerous dupes and "sister" shadows for it I already had in my stash.  If you have a moment, I'd like to talk to you about one of those shades - Inglot's #319.

#319 is a creamy, rosy nude from Inglot's Freedom System of single-pan eyeshadows.  Besides having a delectably soft texture, it is potently pigmented and yields opaque color with the slightest touch of your brush.  It has a matte finish.

To say that I like this eyeshadow "a lot" is a gross understatement.  It's a gnarly nude that leaves my craving for all things pink well fed as well as satisfies my need for diversity (both in color and texture) in my makeup wardrobe.  Therefore, to say that I am absolutely "head over heels" for this shadow and "extremely elated" to have it in my lineup is a much better assertion of my true feelings.  And if you, too, go gaga over rose-hued eyeshadows then I definitely think this naked beauty is worth checking out.

Inglot #319 is available at their boutiques, online at and select Macy's, and retails for $6.


  1. clearly you are a fan of inglot eyeshadows, i've been thinking about going there to customize my own palette and for each color i've considered i've gone back to your blog to see which ones i should get. thanks so much! lol oh yeah, i got the NAKED3, super lovely, did you try swatching those colors in store yet?

    1. Yes, I am an Inglot fan! LOL. I didn't swatch N3, but my sis has it and loves it, too. I keep trying to justify me buying it because it's so pretty, but I already have so many of the colors that are included in the palette. Hmm... we'll see how long I'll be able to hold out, though. :0)

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