Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Barbie: Winter In New York

With another round of bitter temperatures and inclement weather hitting the bulk of the states, it seems rather fitting that I introduce you to a gal who remains unfazed by it all.  In fact, I would venture to say that she kinda enjoys this "season of freezin'" as it allows her to showcase a host of chic ensembles and apropos accoutrements.  They're calling for a brutally cold winter in New York, but Barbie is more than ready to brave the harsh climate of the city... and is absolutely determined to look fierce and fab while doing it.

Decked out in a smart, full-length wool coat complete with faux fur collar and fur capped sleeves, Barbie proves that she knows how to dress for the elements.  And she does it with style.  A floppy brimmed, black fedora tops her blonde bob while a colorful, silk scarf guards her neck from the cold.  Rounding out her winter armor is a pair of scarlet red mittens, which just happen to match the red lining of her coat (but of course!).

And let's not forget the accessories!  Pinned to her collar is a snowflake-inspired, black and gold-toned brooch...

while around her waist is a slick, patent leather belt with a gold-toned buckle.

And being the street smart girl that she is, Barbie keeps her gold chained, patent leather bag firmly in her grip and close to her hip as she traverses through the busy city streets.

Warmth and comfort are the names of this game as she compromises neither while sporting a black jumpsuit underneath her coat...

along with a pair of mid-heeled, black booties.  Practical and comfy, she considers them a more sophisticated option than, say, flats or even sneakers (perish the thought!).

Not willing to allow the doldrums of winter to affect her in any way, she keeps her makeup covertly festive with a charge of gold and brown dressing her eyes while rocking an amped up lip of cherry red. 

Dressed to the nines without a number to spare, Barbie has undeniably brought her best arsenal to these unofficial winter games.  Neither winter's sleet nor snow can keep this "it" girl from donning and looking her best, especially while traversing the snowy terrain of New York City's concrete jungle.  She's taken huge bites out of the fashion driven Big Apple and is quickly working her way down to the seeded core, proving that - once again - there's nothing that this formidable fashionista can't handle.

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