Monday, December 23, 2013

Barbie: Super Star Brandy

If you're long enough in the tooth, you may remember her as the young daughter in the 90s sitcom Thea.  Or perhaps you're more familiar with her as the sugar n' spice teen in the comedy series Moesha, which ultimately became her vehicle to stardom as she parlayed the popularity of the show into a hugely successful singing/music career.  And with such notable feathers in her creative cap, it's no wonder how or why Ms. Brandy Norwood garnered a series of Barbie dolls during the height of her popularity.  If you have a moment, I'd like to share one of the two that reside in my collection.  It's a Barbie appropriately labeled Brandy - Super Star.

With her hand raised in the air as if she were waiving to her adoring fans, this doll captures perfectly Brandy's teenaged free spiritedness as well as her unique and fun approach to style.

Her funky fashions begin with a ruffled, lime-colored, midriff-bearing top with matching three-quarter sleeved shrug, which is also accented with small ruffles.

On her legs she is rocking a slick pair of aqua and yellow hip-huggers, complete with disco inspired reflective dots and flared bottoms.

Sticking with the laid back "grooviness" of her ensemble, she casually sports a furry, orange cross-body bag...

and an incredibly thick (and gnarly) pair of open toe, orange platforms.  Can you dig it, baby?

Now there's absolutely no denying the uncanny likeness the doll has to the real McCoy; from her wide-set, almond-shaped eyes to her broad smile, every nuance of Brandy's visage has been meticulously noted and successfully applied.  Even her face-framing baby hairs along with her signature braids have been properly accounted for.  They really did their due diligence in replicating Ms. Norwood to a capital T.

I like that they kept her makeup simple, allowing her eyes to be enhanced only slightly by a soft frost of pink topped off with a pale gold highlight.  Her lips have a bolder approach to color as they are a soft yellow-gold lined in plum.   Very pretty.

As I've stated in previous posts, I honestly see it as an honor whenever a celebrity/star gets a doll, especially a Barbie, fashioned after them.  It's a celebration of their achievements as well as a visual accolade for their talent(s).  And if the devil is truly in the details then the Brandy Barbie series is truly wicked as they spared no toil in making her look like the genuine article, which is a feature - fan of the star or not - that just about anyone can appreciate.

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