Friday, December 27, 2013

A Sheep For My Piggies

Hey, how was everyone's Christmas?  Hope you all had a merry one.  My mom sent me a few gifts in the mail and just to give you a little background, my mom can be a little "hit-or-miss" with her gift giving.  This year's "miss" was a pair of brown, polyester pants with an elastic waist!

Polyester?!  With a gathered, stretchy waist?!  I mean, no offense to anyone who loves these types of slacks, but these are totally not my style.  Who in the world rocks polyester pants with an elastic waist besides the elderly?  What my mom was thinking, I haven't a clue... and, apparently, neither does she as she offered up no reasonable explanation for her fashion gaffe during our phone conversation later that day.  In fact, she immediately started to laugh as I described my horror when I unwrapped and opened the box.  We both did.  But as terrible as the trousers were, she more than made up for the trauma they caused with the other thoughtful gifts she provided, including an adorable pair of slippers that I'm totally in love with!

The slippers are from Haflinger, a German company that specializes in woolen footwear.  The uppers of the cream, clog-style slip-ons are made from tight, boiled wool while the soles are more of a felt peppered with rubber dots for traction.  And knitted across the tops of both feet is a gray and black sheep with one half of its body landing on the right foot and the other on the left.   Too cute!

When I say that these feel like a pair of mittens on my feet, please believe me.  They are warm, soft and comfy just like a pair of slippers should feel.  Haflinger does offer them in various styles and adorned with different prints and animals, but I love my sheep.  I love these so much that I hardly want to wear them 'cause I don't wanna mess them up!  I don't want a drop of water nor a speck of dirt to mar their beauty.  I mean, I am going to wear them... but with extra caution.  No eating spaghetti over this cute, woolly mutton!  No, ma'am!

But I did enjoy my holiday; I ate well and watched movies to my little heart's content.  I lovingly teased my mom about her one gift and gushed vocally over the rest, especially my new clogs.  Unique and whimsical with a double dash of darling, it's a gift I was all too excited about and simply had to share this excitement with all of you.

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