Friday, November 29, 2013

That Old Black Magic of Black Friday

I will do my diligence in keeping my musings brief as I'm sure that most of you are reading this amidst the fervor and clamor of what is traditionally one of the most popular shopping days ever in the history of American shopping days.  Or perhaps you are one of the many this year to have gobbled down your gobbler and other Thanksgiving fare all in time enough to participate in the pre-midnight mayhem of Gray Thursday and have already completed your parade of purchasing.  Either which way, Black Friday remains the day when many chart a pre-dawn course to ever-so-eager retailers to snatch up one-of-a-kind sales and deals... with some losing their minds while doing it.

Oh, I've participated in a Black Friday once before.  Oh, yes, I did the whole staying-up-late thing just to drive-to-the-store-early thing so I could get-into-the-store-early thing and grab-what-I-wanted-before-they-ran-all-out thing.  The spell of Black's magic fell on me hard and I was determined to leave with everything on my list by hook or crook.  And, thankfully, I did.  I grabbed up $20 electronics and super discounted toys for my niece.  And when I went, the store was remarkably organized and the sales associates were very accommodating and patient, which led to a surprisingly good experience.  There was no pushing or shoving, no knocking people over... no yelling.  In fact, there were people helping others to get certain items, passing out pallets full of goods to those peppered in the crowd whose hands were outstretched to receive said items.  And when inventory ran out, people dispersed without any rumblings or rancor.  Which is in heavy contrast to what has been reported this holiday week thus far.  News has surfaced that there have been serious disturbances at a few stores already!  Yes, Black Friday has become a careful balance between bargains and brawls.  Fisticuffs over a discounted, flat screen TV?  Umm... no, thanks.  At that rate, you can just have it.  It's not that crucial in my eyes.

So as I reminisce over Black Fridays past and remember the rush I felt in scoring my most wanted items that one holiday weekend, an overwhelming sense of gratitude comes over me regarding the advent of a very important tool I'll be exercising this year: the Internet!  Never mind fighting the deal-hungry hordes and circling the parking lot fifty times simply to find an available parking spot; one tap of my nimble finger on my computer's pad and I'm set.  Easy, breezy shopping - just the way I like it.  And I can do it all in my PJs while noshing on pancakes and sipping OJ.  Love it!

I really don't need to indulge this year, but I have seen a few things I may pick up.  But just a few.  And for all those who are braving this weekend's retail bonanza that is Black Friday, may you get all that you set out to find... and find everything you had set on getting.

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