Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Barbie: City Shopper

Guess what Birthday Boy bought me this past weekend for mis cumpleaños?  Knowing how I adore dolls, especially Barbies, he took me to the store to pick up yet another one to add to my collection.

At first glance, the pickings seemed mighty slim.  Oh, there were plenty of dolls, but none that caught my discerning eye.  And then I saw her.  Out of a sea of bright pink boxes hung a small series of jet black ones; only about a handful.  And after giving her snazzy ensemble the once-over, I knew that City Shopper Barbie would be the one coming home with me.

Dressed for a day of leisure and some serious retail therapy, Barbie is unabashedly head-to-toe fabulous.  From the dark sunnies perched high on her head to the thick, gold earrings hanging from her ears, her accessories add the perfect amount of panache to an already eye-catching outfit.

But it doesn't end there.  To set off her Missoni-like halter dress are a pair of golden bangles, which delicately hang above her freshly manicured right hand...

while the left one holds firm to a pink shopper, complete with tissue paper, ready to fill to the brim with a load of luxe goods.

Unlike most Barbies, City Shopper's long legs are not bendable as the left leg is already posed with a permanent bend at the knee.  But that's no matter as it surely will not slow down her shopping spree. 

And laced on her lavender lacquered feet are a pair of strappy, nude, platform sandals - the perfect mode of transport for a day full of mall walking.

And can we talk about her platinum blonde streaks?

Or her thick eyelashes, which act as the perfect window dressing to a soft, smoky gray eye.  Or how about her sparkly lilac lips?

Welp, needless to say that I am very happy to add this fashionista to my Barbie crew.  And I thought it was awfully sweet of Birthday Boy to even bother to indulge me in such a way.  It really is the little things and the thoughtfulness behind them that get my attention. 

A broad smile worked its way from east to west across my face as the cashier handed me the doll.  One more to add to the fortune... with a bevy more of Barbies to go.

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