Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was pretty special as it was my birthday weekend.  Birthday Boy flew in to celebrate with the birthday girl and we had a relaxing, but fun time.  Besides my nails, I kept the makeup to a "five minute face" (eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick) and kept my coif in its regular state.  I dunno; I wasn't really up to doing a whole production this go around.  Everything was kept simple as I quietly celebrated another year of life here on Earth.

The night before the big day, he and I went to the movies to see 12 Years A Slave ( a great film, by the way).  Hungry and pressed for time, we decided to nosh at Chipotle Mexican Grill prior to seeing the flick- a well known restaurant chain I'd visited only once before.  I was slightly overwhelmed by the picking and the choosing of ingredients I had to do to fill my custom made burrito, but I ended up selecting chicken/salsa/red beans combo and it was quite tasty.

Birthday morn we made a sojourn down to a local spot for brunch and the spread was tremendous!  I tried not to eat myself into a stupor, but they had so many delectable offerings.  Besides the normal breakfast fare like bacon and sausage, I found myself gravitating towards the tower of mini créme brulées as well as the pan of hot cheese grits and maple fried chicken...

They had red velvet pancakes...

fried salmon eggs benedict...

and funnel cake fries!  I had never even heard of such a thing before, but funnel cake served up like french fries?  I'll take it!

Not to mention the steady stream of "endless" mimosas they had at the ready for anyone who wanted to indulge.  Needless to say, I was one who did.

Birthday eve was a little more subdued in comparison as we trekked over to The Cheesecake Factory where he played coy and ordered a kale salad...

And I had a combination of their Steak Diane and herb crusted salmon with steamed asparagus and creamy red mashed potatoes.  So. Good.

And what kind of birthday would it be without an actual birthday cake?  The choice for the evening: a three layered, white chocolate cake topped with a smattering of chopped walnuts.  Heaven!

So, that's my abridged recap of my born-day weekend.  No real shenanigans.  It was all real simple and easy like.  And I was happy with that.  Had some phone calls and texts from friends and family... and that made me happy, too.

I'm glad to report that I enjoyed my weekend immensely.


  1. i'm glad to read that you enjoyed your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Thanks so much, Joanne! I really appreciate it! :0)