Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Y Ahora Bailamos

Bailamos is Spanish for "we dance".  It is also the name of a dynamite lacquer I'd love to share with you.  It's from Orly and I find it to be a welcomed departure from all the deep shades that will undoubtedly saturate the manicure palette for fall.  So, let's be a little "anti" and dip into a little bit of color, shall we?

Bailamos is a vivid, pearly turquoise.  I had no problems with bubbling or streaking during application and was able to achieve suitable opacity after stacking two layers of the polish on my nails.  The wear on me was pretty good, but sans a protective top coat (which is how I test all my polishes) I did notice chipping around the edge of my ever-busy index finger after the first day.  However, the polish still seemed to fare well, mostly staying put on my active hands for an entire week.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to add a bold slice of glossy goodness to your polish lineup for fall?  It's a color that would bode well for the initiated.  But we are initiated, aren't we?  We've tip-toed around dark wines for autumn.  We've sauntered with neutrals for practically the entire year.  ¡Y ahora bailamos!  (And now we dance!)  We just love color!  And we're simply unwilling to play the dispassionate wallflower when it comes to lively lacquers.  So if shades of blue and/or turquoise make you "trip the light fantastic" then I think this one is worth checking out.

Orly Bailamos is available at and Ulta, and retails for $8.50.

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