Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Flashback: Rockin' Good Shadows

Does anybody else remember these?  Better known for their high-end denims and apparel, Rock & Republic parlayed their fashion success into an ambitious cosmetic line some years ago.  It was a full roster that included powder foundations and brushes; an intoxicating mesh of color and beauty, but with a rock n' roll edge.  Their blushes were the most coveted out of the bunch while the eyeshadows were definitely a close second.  I wasn't able to cop any of the former, but was so happy to have gotten my mitts on several of the latter before they decided to discontinue the line.

Encased in exquisite black and metal packaging that astutely reflects the rocker chic motif, these R&R shadows are as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside.  The large, medallion-like compacts come equipped with mirrors and house deliciously pigmented shadows.  I own seven shades.

L-R: Corrosive, Brink, Sabotage

Soft to the touch, these pearl shadows are more like silk than butter.  They're firm, but give up an immense amount of color with almost no effort.  A simple swipe was suitable enough to gain an opaque result on my fingertips.





I was really confused when I found out Rock & Republic was pulling the plug on their line of beauty products.  I mean, it appeared to be doing well since everybody and their momma seemed to be talking about it.  Trying to get your hands on any of their blushes was an arduous task before the announcement, but afterwards?  Fuggitaboutit!  It was nearly impossible. 

So, I am over the moon and very grateful that I was able to procure the eye products plus a few brushes (also awesome!) that I wanted because - although short lived - the quality of the line was absolutely stellar and totally deserving of its glowing reputation... A reputation that continues to rattle in the beauty annals long after the death of its catalogue.

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