Friday, October 11, 2013

Boot Camp

Now that fall is officially here it's time to take a serious assessment of my boot inventory.  I pretty much have the four basic boot groups covered (fashion, ankle, fur and weather) but can readily admit that I need more diversity in my lineup.  Well, maybe not need.  More like want.  I want more shoes!  So before I add to the stash, I figured I would take an account of what I'm already rockin'.


Everyone should have at least one pair of fashion boots nestled away in their closet.  I have two pairs of tall, leather knee-highs in two different colors - black and chestnut - but I have sights set on adding another pair of high-heeled blacks as well as a darker brown duo to the mix, too.


Next up are my "shorties" or booties or ankle boots.  I absolutely love these.  They are a fabric/pony-hair hybrid, which is fabulousness within itself, but it's the animal print and whipstitching across the "bodice" of the boot that really makes it worth the price of admission for me.  And I really like the way shorties look on me and complement my leg shape, which is why I plan on getting more.


These furs are actually faux, which is totally fine by me.  They are a tall, deep cognac wedge with a slouchy, flower-embroidered top.  Their undeniable touch of whimsy is right up my alley.  And they are soooo comfortable to wear!


Last, but not least, are my all-weathers or galoshes or wellies.  I opted for a bright orange pair with a playful design.  These are my very first pair of rain boots and I'm glad I got the ones with a lining.  The extra bolstering helps insulate both toes and calves from colder temperatures.

And so, in addition to these, I'm anxious to toss in a dope pair of motorcycle boots!  But they have to be the right style; I don't like a whole lot of buckles everywhere... just enough, though.  Oh, and I need - oops! want -  an awesome pair of riding ones, too.  Something I can rock with my cords and leggings.  You know, the simple but classic kind.  Ooh-wee, I'm excited just thinking about them!

Therefore, the time has come for me to enlist myself in a stringent boot camp where a healthy dose of retail therapy will act as the rod to help whip my foot wardrobe into shape.  No more dilly-dallying!  I know it's going to be intense, but I think I'm up for the challenge.  I am so ready to do an about-face and march double time into some of my favorite shoe haunts and get my charge on!  And when it's all said and done, I'm going to then sit back and cast a wide eye over my newly acquired spoils and calmly say to myself, "Well done, Dolce.  Well done."

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