Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barbie: Kimora Lee Simmons

When you think of Kimora Lee Simmons, you immediately think of her coined term "Fabulosity!".  Fearlessly brandishing a sense of fun and free spiritedness, she's been a colorful fixture on a host of shows, including her own reality series Life In the Fab Lane.  In addition to being a television personality, this model-turned-entrepreneur has also helmed fashion lines such as her signature brand KLS and Baby Phat, which is an offshoot of hip-hop mogul and ex-husband Russell Simmons' Phat Farm line.  And now with all of the accomplishments notched on her belt, she can add the overseeing and designing of her very own Barbie doll to the list.

From her bright pink, chiffon blouse with the KLS metal closure to her pink, denim mini-skirt, Kimora's fashion sensibilities and design aesthetic is captured in full, making this Barbie every inch her little doppelganger.

Clutched in her perfectly manicured right hand is a pink, faux leather, signature handbag trimmed in an earthy brown.  It comes complete with a working zipper.

And clasped in her left is the pink leash attached to her beloved dog Zoe, a black Pomeranian.

Oh, and did you happen to catch the nude fishnets she's rocking?  Yes, honey!  FISH-NETS.  Perhaps you didn't notice them before because they were slightly obscured by her leather thigh-highs...

Pink, faux leather, thigh-high boots to be exact.  Yes, honey!  Just like the real gal, mini-Kimora Lee ain't playin'.  These high-heels are both giving life and taking it away - killin' 'em dead, y'all!

And now let's talk about the huge, furry elephant in the room, shall we?  The piéce de résistance, if you will.  Do you see the coat she's draped in?  It is a full-length, faux chinchilla with a satin, animal print, signature lining.  Yes, honey!  You read right.  And it is just as lush and gorgeous as the picture reflects.

Thick, long eyelashes frame her almond eyes as soft pink colors her lids and a sparkly gold highlights her perfectly arched brows.  Her full lips are painted a pretty mauve while her cheeks denote just a pinch of pink.  With the added touch of beaded, hoop earrings and dark black shades nestled atop her head, this mini-Kimora is practically dripping in "fabulosity"... which is what the real-life beauty is all about.

So, I must say... I believe they totally hit it out of the park with this one.  Every attention to detail, even the most minor, was paid and the payoff is huge.  The likeness is spot on and the doll properly evokes Kimora's love of fashion and her big personality, the latter of which I happen to like.  But I don't feel like you have to be a fan of hers to truly appreciate this doll.  The accessories are fun, the fashion is bold and she's an all-around beauty to boot.   And isn't that a huge part of what owning a Barbie is all about?

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