Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hair Love: Infusium 23

Ok, here's a quick one for ya.  I know that most of you guys have heard of this one.  Not sure if you've ever used it or not, but I'm here to tell you that it is the real deal as far as doing exactly what it says it will do and producing great results.  At least that's been my experience.  Revisiting this product this past weekend has rekindled my love and appreciation for this leave-in conditioner - Infusium 23.

Infusium 23 is a leave-in conditioner that I was introduced to after the hair burning debacle I referred to in my "Feeling the Heat..." post.  I was just starting to learn how to really take good care of my hair since I didn't trust hairdressers anymore and needed something to start my journey off on the right foot.  Starving for info and guidance, I attended a hair show with my mother and was given a small sample to try.  I had never used, let alone heard of a leave-in conditioner, but was anxious to give it/anything a try and was hooked when I saw immediate results.  I couldn't believe it.

My hair was severely damaged by heat (burned off, basically) and extremely dry.  My strands also felt rough and what I call "pixelated", where the hair looks like it has ridges up and down the shaft (upset cuticles).   I needed help and Infusium did just that.  It allowed the cuticles to lay flatter, thus causing my hair to look shinier and feel better.  And this particular leave-in is a thin, clear liquid (as opposed to a thick, nourishing cream) so I really didn't expect too much from it.  But was so surprised when it more than delivered on its promise.  Within weeks my hair more bounce and shine, which left me encouraged to revamp and deepen my regimen's lineup with additional stellar performing products.

So, if you you're in need of a good leave-in and haven't yet found your HG (holy grail), you may want to give this a try.  It's readily available at most drugstores and the price won't burn a hole in your pocket.  It was a vital aid in the healing of my hair and perhaps may be a help to you as well.

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