Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Succumbing To Feminine's Wiles

Just when I think I'm done, they pull me back in.

I had laid eyes on the palette when it was first re-released, boasting a different color lineup than its predecessor of newly formulated shadows.  But I was a good girl.  I abstained from purchasing and thought nothing more about it.  Well, fast forward to last week when Urban Decay decided to put it and its sister palettes on sale.  Staunch resistance turned to momentary hesitation and then it happened.  Yes, guys, alas... I totally succumbed to the sweet siren song of Urban Decay's Feminine Palette.

The Feminine Palette is one of three, limited edition mini-palettes that were previously released, but with a different collection of colors.  It comes in the usual plastic packaging with the color reference card on the back and also included a free mini Primer Potion with the purchase.

Feminine redux, however, comes in a soft vinyl case adorned with a black lace print on the front and back.

Unzipping the palette reveals a cardboard setting on the inside, complete with mirror and six fabulous eyeshadows.  Nestled in the middle is a mini Lip Junkie lip gloss in Wallflower.

Just as the name implies, the palette is filled with delicate shades that are insanely rich in color but sensible for both day and nighttime wear.  Ironically, it was the tempting teal Hijack that sold me on Feminine.  I just think it's so pretty.  I was going to buy it as a single shadow, but thought better of it when this went on sale.  So glad I waited!

Bordello (top), Skimp (middle), AC/DC (bottom)

Gunmetal (top), Hijack (middle), Lost (bottom)

All of the colors are absolutely like buttah!  I mean, UD is known for their outstanding shadows and these are no exception.  They apply with full-on opacity, are easy to blend and last all day on me with a primer underneath.  Also worth noting is that outside of the five shimmers (high-pearls), there is one satin - Skimp.

Wallflower is a creamy, flesh-hued nude and it is awesome.  It smells and tastes of mint when you first apply it.  The cooling effect of the mint lingers on the lips while the actual peppermint smell itself fades pretty quickly.

The semi-sheer lip gloss is potently packed with color and is perfectly suited for wearing alone or atop a complementary lipstick.

I am really loving everything about this palette.  The colors are so me, unlike the previous version which was more pastel.  The other two palettes from the line up - Dangerous and Fun - are also worth a look or two as they contain their own updated collection of colors and matching lip gloss.  But it was Feminine that used her power of persuasion over me.  And it worked.  And I'm more than OK with that.

Urban Decay Feminine Palette can be found at Sephora and, and retails for $36.

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