Friday, May 10, 2013

Gaga for RiRi

I promise you I hadn't even an iota of interest in it.  I got the email from MAC announcing its release and I didn't even give it a second look.  I heard all the chatter on the Internet and was completely unmoved.  Rihanna's revamping of Ruby Woo?  I'm totally #TeamRussianRed.  So just how did I end up with a brand spanking new tube of the new Woo?

You see, what had happened was... I went to the website just out of curiosity not expecting to get through because of all the hype and then I got through and was compelled to buy it because even though I didn't like the original Ruby Woo this was a revised version so who was I not to even give it a try and then I bought it.  (Whew!)  Confession over.  And now my thoughts on MAC's RiRi Woo...

RiRi Woo is singer Rihanna's version of MAC's iconic red lipstick, Ruby Woo.  It is a bright blue-based red with a true matte finish.  I do not have Ruby to compare the two, but have heard that other than RiRi's being slightly darker, they are pretty much identical in shade.  So if you already have Ruby and didn't get a chance to grab last week's online exclusive (it sold out in three hours!), don't dismay because you technically already own it.  That is, unless you just have to have all things Rihanna, including a lipstick with her signature scrawled across it.  If so, you'll have your chance again soon when it re-releases with Rihanna's formal MAC collection.

Those already familiar with Ruby Woo know that its completely matte finish can be cause for a rather challenging application and this is no exception.  There is absolutely no slip in this formula.  While applying the swatch above, RiRi Woo tugged at my skin and felt dry afterwards.  So prepping your lips with a nice balm ahead of time is a MUST!   It's a potently pigmented red, though.  Very classic, very pretty.

Revlon Certainly Red (top), MAC RiRi Woo (middle), MAC Russian Red (bottom)
I haven't abandoned my beloved Russian Red and wanted to compare it, as well as Revlon's Certainly Red (both of which I gush about in my Ravishing Reds post), to see how they fared.  I don't know if you can tell but Russian is warmer, darker; RiRi is brighter, bluer, but not as cool-toned as I thought it would be; Certainly is almost a soft mixture of the two.

Revlon Certainly Red (top), MAC RiRi Woo (middle), MAC Russian Red (bottom)
Again, three beautiful reds with Certainly being the glossiest, RiRi the most matte and although it's listed as having a matte finish, Russian has an undeniable gorgeous sheen.

So what's my verdict?  I didn't think I would, but I honestly like RiRi Woo.  It's a very pretty, bold shade of red and I can appreciate its matte texture, too.  The drier finish keeps it from migrating beyond your lip's borders and it wore on me for hours, even after eating.  Does it beat my tomato-red Russian?  No, that's still my fave.  But I had so much fun wearing Woo that it's definitely my strong number two.  Very happy that curiosity got the best of me last Thursday.  So, yes, I will admit it - along with so many others, I am officially gaga for RiRi Woo.

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