Friday, May 24, 2013

CoverGirl Lippies

Got a little curious about these lippies from CoverGirl.  Not really a fan of the brand (outside of the bronzer from their Queen Collection), but wanted to give them a try.  Never mind that they were on sale at my local drugstore.  All the colors were very enticing, so I grabbed four of them just to see what they were hittin' for.

First up is Brandyberry, which is a medium-dark pink color.

Next on deck is Bronzed Glow, which is a light, bronzed-brown.

The third one in the lineup is Bronzed Peach.  This lipstick is a pale, metallic peach color.

Last, but not least, is the one with the most romantic of names: Rose Cashmere.  This one is a vivid hot pink.

Brandyberry (top), Bronzed Glow (second), Bronzed Peach (third), Rose Cashmere (bottom)
All of the lipsticks were smooth and had nice pigmentation, but were semi-opaque as far as coverage went.  So, in my eyes they're just a step above wearing a lip gloss; a no-fuss, light fare of convenience to bring a little color to the lips, but no real drama.  Oh, and as you can probably tell, they all have a frost finish, too.

So while these CoverGirl lipsticks did not send me over the moon with excitement, I'll be fine using them in lieu of gloss when I want to throw on something quick on my lips.  In the meantime, I think I will stick to my drugstore favorites: Revlon and Prestige.  Although... CG's Queen Collection of lippies look pretty good.   Has anyone tried them?  Should I take the plunge?  Should I?  Help!

CoverGirl lipsticks can be found at various drugstores, Target and Walmart; prices vary depending on location.

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