Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Into the Deep Green-Blue

Hey, guys!  How's your spring going so far?  Have you been rocking your colored greens yet?  Well, instead of an emerald or grass green, today I chose a shade in the green family.  More like a distant cousin, if you will.  It is an absolutely gorgeous color and I'm totally enamored with it.  For your review, I would like to offer up Inglot's 340.

Inglot 340 is a deliciously dusky teal that is soft to the touch and very easy to work with.  This buttery eyeshadow, like all of Inglot's products, is highly pigmented and gives full-on color with very little effort.  It has a matte finish.

Inglot eyeshadows last all day on me with no signs of fading or fallout with a primer underneath.  They blend like a breeze and work well with other colors (no muddying).

Perfect for the outer "v" or on the lash line for a punch of color, this shadow is another fantastic alternative to the usual black or brown.  And how about a smoky teal eye to liven up your look and bring some sass to your springtime ensemble?  What?!  C'mon now...  This color is just too pretty to not be inspired in some way.  In fact, its beauty has inspired me to speak about it in a whole other language: Bellissimo! 

Inglot 340 can be found at their boutiques and online, and retails for $6.

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