Friday, November 23, 2012

Sugar Lips

Hey, guys!  I just wanted to come in here with a quickie for you.  You know how Sephora has a little b'day gift for those that are signed up for their Beauty Insider or VIB (Very Important Beauty) program?  Well, I forgot to share with you that I picked mine up last week and this one, I think, is pretty cool.

If you've read any of my hair posts, you already know that I'm a huge fan of Fresh.  Their hair products are awesome and are an essential part of my holy grail haircare line-up.  However, I've never really ventured out and tried anything else from the brand.  I've been curious about their much talked about lip treatments, but never tried them because of the numerous miscellaneous lip balms/chapsticks I own and have yet to use up.   So, when I saw that Sephora was offering two of the minis as a gift, I figured it was worth fighting mall traffic to go and pick it up.

Fresh's line of Sugar Lip Treatments are made with real sugar as well as a blend of oils and waxes to provide your lips with long lasting moisture.  They are free of parabens, petroleum and other additives and have what I would describe as a lemony brown sugar scent, which is a signature of the brand.

The two Sugar Lip Treatments included in this mini-gift set are the regular (clear) and Rose (berry tinted).  They are both .08oz each, which is a little more than half of their full-sized balms which are .15oz.  (I put my full-sized .15oz Burt's Bees lip balm next to them as a reference.)

After seeing all the glowing reviews online and hearing people rave about them, I really can't wait to use them.  I don't have particularly dry lips, however, I do like to use a good balm before going to bed and as a base under lipsticks.  I know that besides Carmex, I prefer balms that contain wax rather than those that just deposit oils on the lips because wax helps to fill in the lines of your lips, thus allowing your lipsticks to apply and lay better - especially the drier ones which seem to amplify and exacerbate every dry crack and crevice.  So since these have wax in them, as well as nourishing oils, I have high hopes for this duo.  Plus, they smell delish!  And they were free!

I believe Sephora, and are all offering gift sets of the minis (.08oz) - price and quantity per set vary.  Otherwise, the full-size lip treatments (.15oz) retail for $22.50.

I will definitely give you an update on Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatments if they don't live up to expectations.  Until then, please enjoy your Black Friday weekend...  I already saw lines of people on the news ready to go HAM outside a Best Buy and I got three tweets from friends that were doing the whole "midnight shopping at the mall" thingy.  So glad it's not me!  But whatever you get into this holiday weekend, have fun and BE SAFE.   

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