Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall - Deep, Dark Blues

Winter is just about here, but I figured I would squeeze in one more color feature for fall before making the switch over.  So, let's take a look at dark blue, shall we?

How about some electric navy blue for your nails?  Blue nails?  Yes, blue!  If you so dare, you could really take your manicure to another level and do all ten digits or maybe just one as an accent.  Either way, a pop of blue polish makes for a daring, but fun way to rock the color.

Blue nail polish a bit too bold for you?  Ok, then let's stick to eyeshadow.  Yes, my dears, blue shadows aren't just for little old ladies any more.  Anybody of any shade can wear indigo lids and not feel like they're stuck in a time warp.  Wet n' Wild has a palette called Pride that has a nice set of blues - one matte and one pearl.  Let's look at the matte.

I have to say that I continue to be impressed by the quality of Wet n' Wild's eyeshadows and this palette does not disappoint.  This matte blue swatched very easily with one swipe, is very soft and super packed with color.

How about this deep blue pearl from Inglot - #428?  Again, a high quality shadow that's saturated with color.

And just to cure your curiosity, I put Inglot's 428 next to the pearl from the Pride palette for comaprison and they are a tad bit different (below):

Inglot (above), WnW (below).

Not sure if you can tell, but Inglot 428 has a darker navy undertone/base.   Also, on the skin it seems to "glow".   They're both gorgeous, though.  Is it a huge difference in shade/color?  No.  But there is a slight difference; one that can be seen better in person.

And did you know that blue can also be considered a neutral?  Yes!  Just think about blue jeans and jean jackets; both can be paired with just about any color!  So why not take that a step further and push the color envelope by updating your staples?  Instead of donning the traditional tan or beige trench coat, why not stand out in a dark navy one?

Let blue be your new "black" by putting your essentials in an indigo-hued leather satchel.

And how could you possibly go wrong with a pair of denim kicks?

This pair by Levi's has a cute little pocket in the back.  (Crisp one-dollar bill not included.)

So, are you inspired enough to inject some indigo into your life?   Are you finding the call for cobalt too compelling to ignore?   Good!  So your mission this week, should you choose to accept it, is to wear something blue (denim jeans and/or jacket don't count!).   Eyeliner, nail polish, scarf - it doesn't matter.   I've got my blue nails, y'all.  Now it's your turn.  How are you going to rock the indigo-go this week?


  1. That nail varnish is gorgeous , so its the coat xx

  2. I'm glad you likey! I just can't resist color...