Friday, November 2, 2012

Color Series - Taupes: Meet Ingrid from China... Glaze, That Is!

Hey, guys!  Hope you're all having a tauperrific Friday!  I know I am, courtesy of the lovely Ingrid from China Glaze.

Ingrid is a perfect mix of brown-gray with a smidgen of green and a dash of gold pearl.  It sometimes acts like it wants to lean towards army green, but it's not.  It really is a wonderful shade of taupe for your nails.  The nail polish itself goes on without clumping, bubbling or streaking and two coats will bring you up to opaque level in no time.  I happened to stumble upon this color when I was at my local Ulta and have rocked it non-stop this past summer.

Ingrid in direct sunlight
I really haven't seen another nail lacquer quite this taupe-y.  Usually they're brown, or a variation thereof, or a cement gray, but not a combo of the two.  So, China Glaze really captured my heart with this one.

You can find China Glaze at Ulta or Sally's Beauty Supply and their polishes usually retail for about $6.99.

I think next week will be the last installment of the taupe series. I mean, I could go on and on, but I know that there are other colors in the world besides taupe.  I can admit as much.  I'm still trying to decide what the final selection will be... Hmm... Oh!  I think I'll do... Naah.  Not that. 

Ok, I think I got it.  How about a little mushroom to feast your eyes and lips on?  You say you don't like mushrooms?  Well, don't worry.  It's not to eat.  Besides, if you love taupe like I do, you'll love this Shitaki.

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