Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Gorgeous Sunrise

I've been pushing a lot of color over the past few weeks because, well, I really enjoy it.  I figure if you're going to wear makeup, why be plain?  But I also realize that neutral makeup can be just as exciting and pretty.  And I know that there are a lot of makeup wearers that would rather enhance with a neutral than augment and exaggerate with a bold color.  I get it.  So, besides the mention of the ubiquitous neutral palettes out there (e.g. Naked/Naked2), I would like to show you one that hasn't really gotten a lot of hype.  It's by Stila and it's called Sunrise.

Maybe Sunrise hasn't been talked up as much because the quad is made up of shadows that are already sold individually, but for anyone that has never tried Stila (such was the case with me), it is the perfect introduction to some of their products.  Sunrise is actually a set of products that, besides the four shadows, includes a waterproof eyeliner and dual-sided brush.  This is a exclusive.

Retractable eyeliner Koi.

Koi is a smudgeproof, beautiful gold.
Sunrise, the quad, consists of four complementary colors: Oasis, Java, Wheat and Barefoot Contessa.  The shadows are so soft and smooth, and highly pigmented.  And they can be used wet or dry.  The full-sized eyeshadows are sent as singles that can easily be housed in the simple, but sturdy, magnetic palette they provide.  The palette has small holes in the back so you can "poke" the shadows out for removal later (I, myself, just used a small magnet to remove the shadows).

Pinholes in back to pop eyeshadows out.

I genuinely love this palette.  It's neutral, but not boring.  No over-the-top frosts, just pearls and a matte.  It's highly versatile and the colors are gorgeous.  Barefoot Contessa is just so fetching, with her cranberry-brown self!  She's my fave.  And with the Sunrise set consisting of four full-sized Stila shadows (normally priced at $18/ea.), a full-sized eyeliner (normally $20), a Stila magnetic palette and a double ended brush (normally $32), you are getting a king sized bounty of treats for a pauper's price - $35.  How can you beat that?

It's truly the perfect Sunrise for any neutral lover to start their day with.

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