Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wish All Moths Were This Pretty

A little while ago I was on the hunt for a new lip liner... something I could really rock with red lipstick as well as the pinks and purples I have.  I have two lip liners that are my staples and they're both shades of brown: MAC's Mahogany (dark reddish brown) and Cork (light brown).  And then I have a couple of other miscellaneous ones, but I really wanted something different.  Something deep in color that would be versatile.  Enter MAC's Nightmoth.

I tried to look for swatches and pics online of what the color really looked like because on MAC's website Nightmoth, Vino and Currant seemed to all look so much alike, but couldn't really find any.  I wanted something more eggplant than burgundy and really couldn't tell by the descriptions listed nor the swatch boxes on MAC's website which one would aptly fit my criteria.  I did remember a while back swatching both Vino and Currant at my sister's house and not being too impressed by either.  My sister warned that if I got one I definitely didn't need the other.  So I decided to totally go out on a limb and get Nightmoth and I'm so glad I did.

MAC describes the color as being a "blackened plum", but when I got it I got a little nervous because the color swatch on both the box and the actual pencil looked a little more brownish-burgundy to me.  But oh, honey, when I tell you that the color is exactly what the doctor ordered and then some... Yes!  I love it.  It's so pretty and I can already see how well it's going to complement my deep berries and hot pinks this fall.  Whoa!  And my reds?  Please, stop playin'.  Nightmoth is what I've been looking for.

Even though I have not used it yet, I have never had a problem with MAC's lip pencils; they go on without an issue, they're opaque in color and feel smooth in application.  I do not anticipate Nightmoth being any different.   The retail for their lip pencils is $15.

I really love this color.  It's such a deep, rich blackberry.  Very versatile.  Very pretty.

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