Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh. Em. Gee. Somebody Stop Me, Please!

Ok, do you see the boxes?  Do you see them?  Oh, my goodness... I need help.  Seriously, I need to stop.  And I am.  I must.

I bought some more makeup, guys.  I know, I can't believe it either.  Do I need anymore makeup?  NO!  I have just about every color of eyeshadow available to man.  I don't need any more at all.  But I bought more.  Ugh!  Well, one palette I bought to help fill an order so I could get free shipping and the other... well, there's just no excuse.  Nope, I have none other than I saw it on another blog, thought the colors were pretty and simply wanted it.

In my defense, I do find shopping cathartic.  While others drink or smoke or have sex, I like to shop.  But I am careful with my money and never spend what I don't have, but as of recent I have been acting like a maniac.  And I don't really know why.  Am I bored?  Umm... maybe a little.  But I gotta get a grip because even though I like to shop, I start to feel overwhelmed when I feel like I am buying too much of something, you know?  Maybe I'm just weird, but with all the makeup and eyeshadows and stuff I have I start to panic that I'll never get around to using it all.  Like, it's all going to go to waste because I don't even wear makeup every day.  Now I know there are lots of people that have way more products than I have so I'm not claiming to have the mother lode of all makeup "collections", but for me it's more than enough.  No mas.  I cannot buy anymore until I start to go through what I have.

So, as of today, I am giving you permission to slap me if I buy any more crap.  I'm serious.  Of course, it would have to be a virtual slap, but please give me a verbal tongue lashing if I even attempt to buy another makeup product, mainly eyeshadows.  I don't really count lipsticks because I do wear those more often, but blushes and shadows I have an abundance of and haven't even caused a small dent in my stash.  So just slap me, guys, if I go astray.  Nice and hard.  Across the face.  Full palm with all five fingers.



  1. lol! enjoyed reading this. but i know what you mean. i find retail therapy cathartic, as well. but me - i have to physically go into the store. its truly self soothing while shopping alone.

  2. I hear you. When buying clothes, yes, I prefer to be hands on, up close and personal. But most other things I just cherish the crowd-free, hassle-free, line-free, old lady-counting-her-change-holding-up-the-line-free convenience of shopping online. LOL! But I hear ya!