Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall - Spicy Oranges, Chocolate Browns

As summer gives way to the cooler months of fall, the inevitable shift in color palettes starts to come into full bloom.  The trees yield to the crisp of autumn and, ironically, don warmer hues of not only red, but also orange and brown.  Beauty and fashion tend to reflect this seasonal change, too.  These beautiful shades are really never out of season, however, tend to take center stage around this time.  So are you ready to "spice it up" this fall?  Yeah?  You are?  Ok, then let's look at a few items for inspiration.

Let's start with makeup:

NARS' Exhibit A

NARS' Exhibit A blush is a bold, blood orange red that could easily intimidate you upon first glance, but trust me... there's no reason to be scared.  NARS blushes are intensely pigmented, therefore, only a teeny, tiny touch of your brush is needed to yield enough color to add warmth to your cheeks.

The finish on this blush is matte, no shimmer at all.

And see?  Just a dab will do ya.  It is so pretty.  Just about anybody can rock this and it looks absolutely amazing on dark skin!  If you didn't know, now you know.  And if you did already know, but needed confirmation... yes, it is definitely worth the hype.

Inglot 108R

The eyeshadow above is Inglot's 108R.  It's one of their rainbow shadows where three shades of the same color come in one pan.  This shadow is matte in finish and robust in color.

MAC's Brown Script

Next eyeshadow is MAC's Brown Script (above).  It is a burnt orangey brown and is matte in finish.  It is one of my favorite go-to shadows because I not only use it as a blending shade, but I also sometimes use it as a blush.

CoverGirl's Tangerine Splash

I had to add this lip gloss (above) because I don't see a lot of them in this shade.  This is part of CoverGirl's Wet Slicks line and it's called Tangerine Splash.  It's not as sheer as other lipglosses and smells just like the name suggests. 

Prestige's Pudding

How about a nice, chocolate brown lipstick?  Well, Prestige has a pretty one appropriately called Pudding (above).  Prestige is a brand that can be found in some drug stores (CVS, RiteAid) and has a wide range of products.  Pudding is opaque in color and has a satin finish.

Maybelline's Passion Fire

Okay, this one's an oldie, but goodie.  I don't even know if they sell this shade anymore, but it fits our criteria so I had to include it.  It's Maybelline's Passion Fire - another aptly named product that delivers a frosty, sun-fire orange punch without being too obnoxious.  Absolutely lovely...

Okay, so the face has been addressed so let's tackle the fashion, shall we?

Cashmere NEVER gets old, dahling!  And this orange cashmere, V-neck sweater is soo the cat's MEE-oow!  Dress it up, dress it down... whatevs.  It works everytime.

And what about a chocolate brown corduroy blazer?  Love, love, LOVE!  So versatile, so cute!

No designer initials, no wild embellishments... just a simple, dark brown, slim hobo to carry the necessities.  Easy...breezy...classic.

So, I really hope you were able to gather inspiration from some of these items.  You already know my philosophy on color and trying new things.  Pick and choose what may work for you and step a little outside of your safety box.  Have fun!  Diversify your wardrobe!  Update your neutral makeup!  Spice up your fall with a little color!

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