Thursday, September 20, 2012

Color Series - Taupes: Lil' Miss Sassy!

Taupe is by far one of my favorite colors, especially as far as eyeshadows go.  The color is infinitely versatile, can be worn as a neutral or paired with other colors for a more dramatic statement.  There are many hues or variations of this color which can appear differently on different skin tones, but is mostly recognized as a brownish-gray.  I wouldn't say I am "obsessed" as much as I am devoted to collecting this color every chance I get and not just in eyeshadows, it appears.  As I looked over my makeup stash, I realized that one of my favorite lipsticks is actually a mauvey-taupe!  Go figure!

So just indulge me for a moment, won't you, as I take you through a collection of taupes that I have accumulated thus far.  I will start off with a drugstore find: Sassy 208 by L'Oreal HIP.

I must say that this is one of my favorite taupe eyeshadows because it leans a little warmer (more brownish-red) than cool (gray).  And it's absolutely beautiful.  The L'Oreal shadow itself is very soft, but not too soft where it is crumbly or powdery.  It applies smoothly and stays put on the lid (over an eyeshadow primer) all day for me - no creasing. 


This particular duo pairs a warm taupe with a dark teal.  The finish on both I would consider to be somewhat of a frost, but not too frosty to where your eyelids would look metallic (not that there's anything wrong with that!). 

True to color, taken in natural daylight.

I would call this a mid-frost/high-pearl as opposed to a high-frost.  This swatch was just one swipe so as you can see you can get opaque coverage without a lot of effort, staying true to the line's HIP name (high intensity pigment).  And the color is divine.

This L'Oreal duo can be found at most drug stores and retailers such as WalMart and Target and the price point is $6 - $8, depending on the store.  However, I was told recently that out of all the HIP duos L'Oreal sells, this was the hardest to find online.  I'm kinda surprised, but kinda not.  Surprised because this has been out for a while (I've had mine for about two years now).  But not surprised because it's such a nice shade of taupe.  A shade that every taupe lover can afford to add to their collection.

*Next up: a "nutty" shade I'm just Wild about...

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