Monday, August 20, 2012

Searching for... childhood.

You know, sometimes I get really sentimental.  Nostalgic even.  I miss a lot of things from when I was a kid (smells, foods, toys, etc.).  For the latter, I sometimes search eBay for my missing familiar.  I've searched for old Barbies, Disney movie albums and other things that I used to own and cherish as a kid.  I don't have much from when I was younger due to moving from my home and it being robbed a few times.  Remember Holly Hobby dolls?  Well, not only did I have the doll, but I also had the lunchbox - it was pink with Holly Hobby on the front, made of hard plastic by the company Thermos.  I had Baby Alive (one of the few dolls I was able to rescue) and Head to Head Football (I was a tomboy).  I had the red Transformer - he was a sports car, but I'm not sure of his name - and the Dungeons and Dragons game (remember that cartoon?).  I had the Mork n' Mindy as well as Cabbage Patch Colorforms, Smurfs Shrinky Dinks and Jamie Summers (Bionic Woman) doll.  And let's not even mention the Barbies I owned.  Gone... well, mostly all of it is gone.  I was able to rescue a few Barbies, Barbie clothes and my Cabbage Patch (the one that smelled like baby powder), but the rest are just a memory.  It really pains me to think that these are lost to me forever...

Well, I was having one of my moments and started searching the Internet and found the very make and model of a dollhouse that my dad bought my sister and me during one of his trips.  Couldn't believe it.  Can't believe the company still exists and still makes the model (in addition to other models).  It brought back soooo many memories for me; how my cousin had to put the wooden model together because my dad lost patience with all the little parts and gluing and such.  And how happy I was to see it assembled.  My sis thought it was cool, but I really LOVED it.

Am I the only one who does this... constantly traveling down and canvassing memory lane trying to recapture a lost childhood memory?  I guess not because of all the adult collectors of toys, but I dunno...

Anywho, guess who will be buying a Tudor style dollhouse in the next year or so?  By then I should have a daughter that I can share the experience with.  Eh, who am I kidding?  Daughter or not, I will be buying this dollhouse.  Another piece of my past recovered.  Well, kind of.

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